How is short term dating better than long-term dating?

short term dating

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A major misconception that persists among people about the relationship is; A relationship that lasts long is perfect. Well, it’s not true every time. There are many phases in long-lasting relationships which aren’t always preferable by the partners. Experts say a relationship does not necessarily be long-term to be perfect. The short term dating romance might also come in handy for your future relationships. According to many kinds of research, the significance of a relationship does not depend on the duration of being together but on how fulfilled one feels in that relationship. A month-old relationship can make you feel much more special than a long-lasting relationship. The below-mentioned points will prove that short-term dating is way better than long-term dating.

Short-term dating saves your time

When you are dating someone, you are investing a particular time of your life in that person. Going for candle-lit dinners, shopping, a movie, or spending an entire day with them, demands some valuable time of your life. Now, when it’s short-term dating, you are investing less time, whereas, in long-term dating, a lumpsum period is invested, and if you both part ways after long-term dating, the time you have spent together goes in vain.

You get more options to explore

When you decide to date for the short term, you increase the chance to meet new people. The online dating apps give you numerous choices and you have the freedom to choose your date. If you are hesitant to chat with someone after a conversation, you can swipe to the other. Exploring dating app is fun-filled, as it gives you several choices. In long-term dating you are connected to a single person

Short-term dating is about the present

Short-term dating gives you the experience of dating in the present moment. Short-term dating lets you focus on the immediate benefits of a relationship. You experience the excitement in the present moment. You don’t wait for your relationship to grow in the future and you don’t even discuss your future with your short-term date. The satisfaction you get in short-term dating is very much instant. Whereas, long-term dating keeps you waiting for the perfect time. Even if you want a kiss from your partner, you have to wait for their response.

Fewer arguments with your partner

The least some can do in short term dating is to keep expectations from their partners. Here no one expects anything from their partner except the common interest of a romance. You don’t keep screaming for the lifestyle they have adopted or the clothes they wear. Why? Because you aren’t going to stay with them for a lengthy period. As a result, you enjoy stress-free and concentrate more on your career. Expectations are higher in long-term dating. After a while, people start to expect from their long-term dating partners and that’s how arguments start.

They say marriages are made in heaven but you don’t worry, as dating do not have such a concept, so feel free to explore more.