Well staged: the perfect photo selection for a dating profile

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The first impression decides who clicks on or stays on the profile and wants to find out more. Even if it’s superficial, the photo should be as expressive and appealing as possible. This includes not only a charming appearance, but also the right background. This article shows which photos are particularly well received and what might scare off other singles.

Likeable charisma: A smile alone is not enough

There are countless reputable dating apps where users usually have to upload at least one photo to their profile. This picture is often displayed in the preview and serves as a basis for the other singles to decide: Do I want to find out more or do I just keep walking through the digital single forest? The chances of finding your dream partner are increased if as few other users as possible continue clicking and instead want to take a closer look at the profile.

The first step in this direction is a likeable photo that makes a good impression. A smile is a good start. However, the picture should also have more. An open gesture instead of crossed arms looks much friendlier. Waving hair in the face is also not recommended. It obscures the view of the essentials.

Group photos should not be included in the profile

If you click through the dating profiles, you will notice that there are always photos of several people. Now everyone can ask themselves: Would I really want to find out more here? Dating professionals know that group photos have no place in your profile. It may be a nice idea to bring your family or friends into the picture, but this is counterproductive for the first contact. Instead, you should choose pictures that show you at your favourite place or practising your hobbies.

Animals in the picture: Yes, but in moderation

Cats and dogs are particularly common in photos on dating portals. For some it’s cute, for others it’s annoying. Anyone who overdoes it with photos of four-legged friends quickly looks a bit strange and is simply clicked away by many users. Anyone who has a four-legged companion in their life should also mention them for reasons of fairness. After all, there are many singles who don’t want a dog or cat in their lives or are allergic to them. But here too, a photo is sufficient. For example, the picture can show the owner with their four-legged friend in a cheerful mood.

No-go’s when choosing pictures: Just no impressions of nature or other meaningless photos

Pictures of flowers, mountains, a babbling brook or even a place of interest – there are thousands of such pictures on online dating portals. However, they aren’t telling and don’t give any information about the person behind them. Yes, of course it could be pictures from your last holiday that show a travel preference. However, when creating a dating profile, it is important to keep to the bare essentials and provide space for conversation.

Time is notoriously scarce, even in online dating. Therefore, the choice of pictures should be focussed on the person you are looking for. If you like travelling, you can show this with a snapshot. However, the focus should not only be on the destination, but above all on the person. Singles with a preference for city trips could, for example, include a photo from their last trip to Paris or other metropolises in which they are photographed in front of a landmark.