Types of dating tricks you must know about

types of dating

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The word “dating” sounds simple enough. But the task of dating has many layers and complex psychological, social, and even economical perspectives associated with it. Especially in the world today, dating gets as complicated as people’s notions of identity and sexuality. To find a genuine and loving partner through dating is a task. But if you hone the art of judging characters and have an eye for analyzing situations, you will do well in the world of dating. Here are few types of dating you should know to tread wisely in the dating world.

Polygamy dating

Perhaps the most common dating preferences you will come across on dating sites these days is polygamy dating. Such is the popularity; old school romantics have a hard time surviving on these platforms. The idea is simple- both partners can have multiple relationships simultaneously, provided all are consensual. There may be commitment between the two primary entities, but it is not a necessity. It is a fun dating idea for all who can pull off handling multiple partners and attending to their physical and emotional needs.

Monogamous dating

This is the traditional idea of dating. Two people meet and start dating. They get to know each other and eventually determine if they want to take the acquaintance to the next stage. Usually in such scenarios both the people are somewhat emotionally invested and develop romantic inclinations. However, there can be an alternate outcome where both the people decide to move on since the relationship is not working out.

Open relationship

This is like polygamy. However, the partners here pre-determine the boundaries of their relationship. They are the primary priorities in this relationship and stay committed to each other. Occasionally they take up other partners who are informed about this prior arrangement and if they are willing, they can become a part of it. It may rarely happen that the primary participants in this relationship split and get together with one of their casual partners instead.

Demisexual dating

In demisexual dating the partners only move forward and think of physical relationship if they are emotionally invested enough. Both partners are cerebral beings who prioritize sentiments and emotions over physical needs. Only if they feel strongly attracted to each other emotionally will they continue dating. Such people are emotional invested and committed to a single person if they are fulfilling their emotional necessities.

Casual dating

Several types of relationships are recognized as casual dating. It can be flings, hook-ups, one-night stands and even friends-with-benefits. In such an arrangement, the partners are pre-determined that the relationship would not culminate into a larger and more serious commitment. They have a common goal of living their live with the flow. They want to enjoy the perks of being with someone without taking up the relationships. Such a dating arrangement can end anytime even when one partner decide it is no longer worth their time.

Virtual dating

Any kind of dating can be virtual when you are not able to meet your partner in person. This is generally the case when you are in a long-distance arrangement. Sometimes such partners meet eventually. But it may not be the case always. It entirely depends on your bonding and willingness to go any length to be with your partner in person.

When you are aware of the types of dating, determining the wisest move gets easy. Here we have shared few such instances that will help you find your partner without a heartbreak. The key is to be open-minded and understanding your own expectation. Nothing can beat the bond created through mutual respect and love.