How to Tell if Your Relationship is Healthy?

a healthy relationship

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Relationships are really important. They make you a better person but, only if they are not toxic. Sometimes a lot of people are in happy relationships but, they always question if it is sustainable or not. You might feel happy while spending time with your partner but, it might make you wonder if it is durable and everlasting at all. It is really normal to feel that way. However, you might want to check if your relationship is a healthy relationship and worth it.

You do not want to invest all your time in a relationship, only to find out that it was toxic and not worth it.

There are certain benchmarks that you might need. They will surely guide through your romantic journey. Read on to find out.

You look forward to seeing each other

If you are excited to spend time with each other, then it is a good sign. In fact, you should be excited to see each other even after the slightest absence. If you are dating each other, this might seem natural to you. However, if you find yourself or your partner cancelling plans frequently, then you should introspect. Meeting just once a week is not enough.


At the same time if you are living together or are married, things might be different. However, you should find yourself excited about going back home from work as you will be meeting you partner. The length of time does not matter. You should be excited to see them as that is how romance is done.


You help find solutions for each other

Healthy relationships do not just look good. They should feel good as well. Your partner should be good at giving solutions to your problem. The first thing to look out for is that your partner should be interested in your problems. When you come and talk to him/her about the, check if they are listening attentively.


Also, it is not necessary that you go with their suggestion of the solution but, coming up with one is important. It should be the same way for you. You must check if you are actually interested in their problems. Are you interested in just having sex or going for dinners with them or are you interested in the real thing. If you feel that way, you must tell them that you are interested in a casual hookup type of relationship.


Having regular sex

A steady amount of sex always exists in a relationship. However, a lot of people underestimate the importance of sex. It is surely the barometer to check if your relationship is healthy or not. Your sex life needs to be intense and lively. If it is like that, then there is nothing to worry about. It means that things are on the right track.


At the same time, you need to understand that this does not mean that you have to tear each other’s clothes every time. However, a regular frequency is good. Although, if your frequency is decreasing day by day, then you must be worried. Talk to your partner about that and know how they feel.


Forgiveness is the key

A healthy relationship is based on forgiveness. You should not be holding grudges against each other. You have to understand their mistakes and forgive them. Do not use that against them every time in a fight. Also check, if they are doing that with you. Rejuvenate the relationship by travelling to an exotic beach and let the love flow again.


If you find yourself thinking about their past mistakes every time, then you must think again. Not forgiving can lead to resentment which can eventually affect your relationship. You should introspect a little about these things.

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