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If you are an introvert or a shy guy and are worried that you will find it difficult to get dates, don’t be. Women don’t come with a predisposed requirement that her man must “not” be shy. It depends on how things work out. There other things that women look for in the opposite sex to determine if they are interested in them as a potential partner. An introvert is as attractive as an extrovert and you just need to learn some tips and tricks for the initial stages and then you will get comfortable as the woman begins to respond to you. You may be confident and vocal about some areas that you are passionate about and this is what you need to be talking about for a start. Relationships for shy men can be made simple and there is no need to compare yourself with others in first go.

You may feel that an extrovert guy gets the girl easily. But this isn’t because he is an extrovert, it is because he communicates his intentions and interest clearly and loudly. Many women still expect the man to make the first move and an introvert man’s subtle signs may not be too visible. In order to increase the visibility of your messages, you will have to take the first step and as her out. Otherwise, women will miss out on meeting a really great guy!

Here are a few things you can consider as a shy guy to ask a woman out.

Where to find that woman who gets you?

Meeting a woman in a club or bar may not be the best option for any introvert. I mean come on, those places will be draining and exhausting. So where does an introvert find a date?

Online datingOnline dating is a great place to start. You are not meeting a stranger in a crowded public place. You can chat with someone you are interested in while you are in your comfort zone. If you are just reading a book or relaxing at home, you can send messages and build something over time. Moreover, the dating sites and apps match people with their personality and interest so there is a high chance you will find someone who finds you attractive. You don’t have to go on a face to face meeting. First, just build a connection from your room. Create an interesting profile, with lots of pictures and fewer words. Make sure your messages are creative or funny to get attention.

Hobbies – Hobbies are a great way to connect with other people. Think of it like doing your favourite thing and in the process finding something special. For example, if you like reading, join a book club, or if you like art, go to an art exhibit. There will be other people with similar interests there and you can find a date here. Easy Peasy!

Social circle – A social circle is a great method to get a date. Your social circle already has people you like, who have similar interests and most importantly you know each other in some capacity. Finding a woman form your social circle is good because you already have common acquaintances. Its easier to break the ice and start conversations if you have something or someone in common. If you don’t have anyone from your social circle that you are interested in, that’s ok. Meet new friends, who knows they may find a good match for you. Relationships for shy men takes real turns in social circle.

How you as a shy person can make dating easier?

If you are shy and want to understand what you can do to make it easier or more comfortable for the opposite sex to get to know you, read on.

Friendship – Friendship is a good path to begin a romantic relationship. Introverts may find it uncomfortable approaching strangers for a date, but it gets easier if you are friends. Try building a rapport and get to know that person better. Dating and social anxiety don’t mix well, so being friends would take the stress off of things. Being friends means you will be calmer and more collected, and chances of dating success are higher.

Signs of Interest – Women always send out signals if they are interested in you. Some may take time to figure out if they are interested in you or not. So, patience can be key. Standing closer, more smiles in your direction and constant attention are signs that show if a person is interested. Such signals mean you can approach the person. If the person looks unhappy, fed up or stressed then its best to leave them alone and ask them out another time.

Not being “creepy” – Stress and anxiety can make anyone look creepy, even if you aren’t actually. For introverts, a one on one conversation in a relatively low-key space will work better. However, if you proposition someone in a relatively deserted area it may across as creepy, think about it. Anyone would find it a little unsettling. Let the woman pick the place and time so they are comfortable meeting with you. It’s a little more effort on your end, but it’s worth it.

Being you – Be you on the date. Go on an activity-based date rather than a place where you have to talk a lot. So, go bowling, to an amusement park or a dance class. This will give you a chance to bond without having to make small talk. Relationships for shy men can be gradually moved towards a comfort zone when you try to be you first.

What makes an introvert or a shy man attractive?

Now after all the tips and tricks, coming to the advantages of a shy or introvert person. Why women may find you attractive and like you the way you are?

Mystery man–A shy man can be mysterious to a woman. This gives you an edge over others in the dating scene. A very talkative man can be quite boring for a woman and look like a babbling kid. At this time, you can stand out like a suave mature man.

Using the body–As a shy person, if you aren’t comfortable being vocal, use your body to show interest or flirt. Don’t stand and slouch, instead maintain eye contact and smile to show your interest. Body language is a great tool to communicate. Believe me, the woman will notice.

Doesn’t brag and listens – Any introvert is really good at listening. A woman will love that quality, especially if she is surrounded by men who only talk and don’t listen. Listening is a quality that doesn’t have many takers, but those who do have it, are considered special and have a good chance of getting the woman.

As a woman, I can tell you that women dig certain traits and introverts have them. Use those specific traits to your advantage and dating can be more fun for you and the lady you are seeing. Relationships for shy men doesn’t need any rocket science theory to think about much, just go for it.

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