Why Emotional Support is Important in a Relationship

Emotional support in a relationship

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All humans need supportive relationships in their lives. We have emotional needs that have to be met by a family member or a significant other. Usually, we depend on our significant others for emotional support as we tend to spend a lot of time with them. So, what is emotional support in a relationship? Emotional support comes in many ways. It means that emotional support cannot be defined as one particular thing or act. At the core or base, emotional support in a relationship is about encouragement, love, acceptance, reassurance, and support. This support is important in times of sadness or stress as it provides a positive base for partners and acts as a stabilizer in a relationship.

To understand it, it’s important to ask why emotional support is important in a relationship? Emotional support gives us strength and makes us feel better. It’s like the feeling that no matter what, you have your partner to lean on. Your partner will stand by you, hold you and make you feel content in times of difficulty when you aren’t feeling the best mentally.

Partners have the right to emotional support in a relationship and if you don’t feel you are getting it from your significant other then there is a problem. The following are the reasons why emotional support in a relationship is important.

To bring partners closer – Emotional support and intimacy bring both partners closer. It builds the connection and ensures that both are satisfied and happy in the relationship they share.

Living together in harmony – Emotional support is a basic human need and if both partners find it in each other, then they don’t need any outsider for it. This means that they can live together in harmony and closer to each other.

Listening to each other – If your partner is emotionally supportive then he/she will listen to you. Humans need to be heard and the feeling of not having someone to talk to is like being tied up.

Physical intimacy – When two people have emotionally connected then the sex is pretty amazing. This is true especially for women as they crave an emotional connection during intercourse or sexual acts. When you have an emotional connection, you trust the person and can show love in the form of sexual intimacy.

Building respect – Having supported each other emotionally means the partners will have trust in each other in the long term. Respect is essential in a healthy relationship which means that you are valuing your partner. You respect them and their feelings which will be beneficial in the long term.

Bond, trust, and security – Partners can bond with each other when they emotionally support each other. Bonds are created in different ways and one is when you support your partner when they are not their best mentally. Because you both are into each other, support each other, you will be secure in the relationship.

Having fun – Because emotional support creates bonds, couples will tend to have more fun together. They will like each other’s company and can go do things together.

Boosting mood – When you are emotionally bonded and have an intimate relationship then the feel-good hormone – oxytocin is released. This hormone can enhance your optimist, trust, and self-esteem. It boosts happiness, boosts orgasm, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. This is good for your overall health.

Relationship survival – This is one of the crucial reasons why emotional support in a relationship is important. You will be able to have a better sexual connection; your daily lives will be happier, and you can have better conversations. There will be trust and support which will ensure that your relationship feels fulfilled and survives.

Overall, if you have the emotional support you will be happier in a relationship.

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