Showcase your Tattoo and Bodyart Using TikTok

showcase your tattoo

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Getting a tattoo on any part of your body is a very personal decision. People get a tattoo done either to pay tribute to something or someone they love or to showcase something they truly believe in. Some people perceive it as a body art and get an artistic design tattooed on their body. You can get a tattoo on any part of your body, but deciding a location for the tattoo on your body actually depends on who you want to show it to. The high visibility areas of your body like the fingers, arms, face and legs will showcase your tattoo more. So if you want the world to see your tattoo, make sure you get it done on a high visibility area.

TikTok, a short video app has gained a lot of popularity because of its entertainment value. It has also become one of the most widely used platforms for people to showcase their tattoos in a creative manner. This app, which has most of its users between the age ranges of 16 to 30, has garnered a lot of attention not just to show off permanent tattoos but also temporary ones as well. There are a variety of videos on tiktok related to body tattoos which are extremely entertaining and informative at the same time.

When it comes to tattoos, the popular Tiktok trend is getting a temporary tattoo. There are many short videos which show how you can get it done in a simple way. You just have to print out the design of your choice on a plain sheet of paper, spray it with perfume or hair spray and then soak it in water for around 3-5 minutes. After soaking you have to apply another layer of perfume and press the sheet on the desired part of your body. You can then peel the sheet off to reveal and showcase your tattoo. The tattoo that you get by this method is obviously temporary, but the creative ways in which the videos have been made on Tiktok make it look extremely attractive. The people who have posted such videos have gained a lot of appreciation from all over the world and have witnessed a significant increase in the number of followers without the use of Tikfuel which allows you to increase your Tiktok followers.

You can also showcase your permanent tattoo and body art using innovative ways on social media platforms like Tiktok. To show off your tattoo on your hands or wrists you can hold on to something like flowers, you favorite beauty product or food. You can also make a short video of drawing something on paper which will not just focus on the art being created but also on the tattoo on your hands. If you have tattoos on semi private areas like the nape of your neck or your lower back area then you can choose clothes with a particular cut and design to strategically show off your tattoo while clicking a picture or taking a short video. Wearing swimwear can also be a great way to showcase the tattoo on your semi private areas. You can style you hair in such a way so as to give a small sneak peek to your tattoo on the neck. If you’re not the kind of person to show off your tattoos, you can still tease your audience on social media by giving a tiny glimpse of it simply by holding your shades a particular way or wearing clothes which show a part of your tattoo and not the entire design.

You can be creative not just in getting a tattoo but also showing it off on social media platforms. Get inked wisely, be proud of it and show it to the world the way you love it.

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