Why are Minimalist Tattoos Getting Popular these Days?

minimalist tattoos

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So, you are a tattoo enthusiast! The needle is taking us in an all-new direction in this tattoosphere. There are dots, thin lines and white spaces depicting a lot of symbolic stories. These are the minimalists or micro tattoos, adding less pain, lower cost and maybe less regret in future (if you do not like it further). Have you ever noticed those small tattoos of white dots on someone? Chances are that you loved it and secretly wished to get one someday. If so, here is a sneak peek into why Minimalist Tattoos are getting popular these days, what they mean and more.

Briefly said, these are subtle designs that depict many untold words. Line-art tattoos are subtle in design, and as per the trend of body art, they look strikingly different from all the elaborated tattoos. These tiny tattoos have been enjoying a moment in the past few years. Fine lines, dots and gaps are marking a new path.

As you have got the idea of ‘What are Minimalist Tattoos?‘, here are some prominent reasons why these tattoos have become very popular these days.  

These Tattoos are too Simple to Understand

A few white spaces and fine lines create tiny wonders. You will love their simplicity if you are new to micro tattoos. No difficult signs or phrases that you need to translate are there. A single word, glyphs, alphabets, geometric shapes, numbers and outlines of different objects are the basics of minimalist tattoos.

Micro Tattoos fit Everywhere

Micro tattoos can fit anywhere on your body. It can be your feet, ankle, hand, upper chest, or other places where you want to keep it hidden. You won’t have to worry about the space for getting the tattoo right.

It saves Your Money and Time

Getting a good tattoo takes time and a good amount of money. Tiny tattoos are not like that. They save time as there is no room for detailing. It will hardly take an hour or less than that to get your tattoo done. Also, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for a tattoo like this. You will get something special for yourself without spending a fortune.

A Huge Variety of Designs are available

Since these tattoos are small in size, you can have a wide range of variety available. No need to get stuck in a certain style or size. Pick anything that you want to go with as a tattoo on your body.  Check with your Tattoo shop for the latest designs of minimalist tattoos that will suit you.

 Lesser Pain in the Process

Tattoos are painful, and you know it well. But the story is a little different from the minimalist ones. Since you are choosing a small tattoo, the pain will be less.

Minimalist Tattoo Tips

– Keep the tattoos subtle and small in size that have great meanings.

– You may experiment with colours but make sure there are only a few.

– If you are concerned about your image in public, micro tattoos can be a great option. You can have a tattoo and still look pretty without any exaggeration.

– Do expect these mini tattoos to be bold and draw a little attention. They are cute in their way.