5 Cool Tattoo Ideas with a silent message

cool tattoo ideas

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The art of tattooing has been around for thousands of years all over the world. These days, people get them made as a fashion statement or to symbolize a strong belief or important moment in life. Hence, ever tattoo is special to its owner. If you are planning to get a tattoo, there are many cool tattoo ideas to take inspiration from or get something entirely unique. You can get one custom made or self-design or simply copy something you fancy- the possibilities are endless. Here are few such tattoo ideas with silent messages you can look through for inspirations.

Yin-yang symbol

The yin-yang is a Chinese philosophical concept. It describes opposite but interconnected forces. The symbol has made its place in every culture all over the world and can be a great inspiration for tattoos too. Especially if you have a very whimsical and conflicting personality, this is the perfect representation for you. The yin-yang tattoo is also an ideal choice for first times since it is simple and a small design.

Infinity loop tattoo

The infinity loop is a horizontal figure eight that signifies limitless and eternal ideas. It can be to represent any feelings or events in your life you believe to be eternally valuable. If you search tattoo shops, you will come across various inspiration for infinity loop tattoo designs. This is also a small design that is best suited for beginners or who like subtle designs.

Paw prints

If you are an animal lover or have a pet, getting a paw print tattoo is cute and symbolic of the love and affection you share. Some pet owners even get their pet’s actual paw print etched in their skin forever. The idea is to immortalize the pet and have a sign to remember them by all your life and everywhere you go. The perfect place to get paw print tattoos is the side of the palm, neck, collarbones and forearms.


Compass is a popular motif for cool tattoo ideas. Moreover, the design is versatile to create variety of tattoos with the compass being the central attraction. Travel enthusiasts will find this a great way to flaunt their love for exploring new places. Compass designs for tattoos can be tiny and simple ones. It can also be really big and elaborate combining various motifs related to travel as well. A compass tattoo on the nape of the neck looks alluring and exudes a bohemian vibe.

Couple tattoos

Couple tattoos has been a trend for many years now. They are symbolic and permanent markers of your love for each other. Partial tattoo design which appear complete only when you are together are very trendy. Usually, couple gets such tattoos on body parts which are in contact even when they stand side by side. This can be the side of the palm, the wrists, and collarbones. A part of the design will be on one partner and other will have the rest. It will look as one singular unit when you are standing or sitting close by.

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment hence it is elemental to make deliberation before committing to the idea.