10 Excuses People Give When They are Double Dating

double dating

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The problem with relationships today is that people are not clear about their intentions. This is also because some of them are not clear about what they want from a relationship. However, it is frustrating when a person wastes your time and is dishonest with you. In this era of unlimited options, people are also moving towards double dating. In a way, it is a good idea as you can truly speed up the process of trying to find your soul mate.

Although, the problem starts when people promise to be exclusive to each other and then double date. However, there are ways of finding this out. If you pay attention, then you will be able to judge from the excuses they give you.

  1. Let us take things slow

If your partner is trying to tell you this, then maybe he/she is dating someone else. They want to try it with the other person yet they want to keep you as an option too. Thus, they might not commit to you easily, even if things are going well.

  1. Not getting a text back

Your partner might not text you back immediately. It is possible that he/she is on phone with someone else. Thus, they might not be able to text you back. They might make excuses like they were busy or their phone was somewhere else. However, the truth is that they were talking to another prospect.

  1. Seeing them online

If you partner bids you good night but, you can see them online. This is a concern. He/she might tell you that their app was open and hence, you can see them online. This is the most common excuse that is used by people who double date. However, the truth is that they are talking to someone else.

  1. Working late

This is the most common excuse that is used by people who double date. If they have a date with someone else, they might give you an excuse of work. This is also because they do not want you to call or message during their date. If this is a frequent excuse, then you should be aware.

  1. Cancelling plans frequently

If you find your partner cancelling your plans, then he/she might be giving their attention to someone else. They might use work or sickness as an excuse but that cannot be the case every single time. In this scenario, you should confront your partner directly.

  1. Never saying yes for impromptu programs

If your partner is never up for spontaneous plans, then something is fishy. It is possible that he/she has scheduled plans with someone else. They might give you lame reasons about the fact that they are not in the mood to go out. One of the good sign of people doing double dating.

  1. Not making it public

If your partner is double dating, then he/she will never make you meet their friends. At the same time, they will not meet your friends too. She/he might tell you that they do not like meeting new people. Also, he can say that he want to figure things out and keep the relationship a secret.

  1. Does not click pictures

Your partner will tell you that they do not like getting clicked. This is because they do not want to be seen together with you in public.

  1. Meets you privately

If he/she meets you in a private area every time, then there is some problem. They want to keep the relation a secret because they do not want their other partner to find out.

  1. Does not interact on social media

Social media is an important aspect of many people’s lives. If he/she is double dating, then they will restrain from commenting or liking your pictures. They will not appreciate you uploading pictures with them too.


If you have honest feelings for someone, try to see if they avoid you without having any reason. If you find any such thing, talk to them and still if it doesn’t work, try to move on.

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