4 Signs that your Relationship Needs a Counsellor

relationship needs a counsellor

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Every relationship goes through problems. In fact, if you do not fight or argue, then you are probably living in a scripted reality show. You should dive deeper and analyse your feelings. However, normal arguments are healthy as they keep the relationship strong. Although, some relationships have gone too far. In such a scenario, third parties can be really helpful. It is very common these days to consult a counsellor to act as a mediator and we will analyse the signs when your relationship needs a counsellor.

Well, by third party, it does not mean that you can go to your mother or friends to help you. It means seeing a therapist. This step is needed only if the relationship is damaged to a certain extent. However, if both of you are willing to make the efforts, then it is worth a try.

Read on to check, if your relationship need a therapist.

  1. You both cannot communicate

Relationships are based on communication. Also, asking your partner to pass the remote or discuss about your daily chores does not count. It needs actual communication. If you feel a complete lack of desire to talk to your partner, then there is a problem. At the same time, if you feel afraid or embarrassed to talk about a certain issue, then there is a problem. A counsellor can help you to break the ice and help you communicate with each other.

  1. You have a cold war going on

If you have a passive aggressive vibe going on, then you should be careful. It can be the thorn that can hinder your long-lasting relationship. Even if you are expressing your aggression passively and trying hard to conceal it, you need to understand that there is a problem. At the same time, if you find your partner being irritable with you all the time and he/she is not expressing their anger in a healthy way, then there is a problem. If letting your feelings out is a problem, then you should go see a therapist.

  1. You feel a wall of contempt

Contempt is a very bad wall that hinders a lot of relationships. If you find yourself acting with complete disrespect with your partner all the time, then that is not a good sign. It is a destructive emotional response and if you feel that coming from your partner, then you should not ignore it. Contempt can lead to a breakup or a divorce and if you love your partner, then you should immediately act upon it. A relationship counsellor can definitely help you in such a scenario. This is because when you develop contempt, it is quite possible that something is bothering you. You can only act in such a way, if you stop valuing your partner’s feeling. Hence, taking a perspective of counsellor can help you.

  1. You cannot compromise on a small issue

Even if you love spending time with each other and have great physical intimacy, relationships can reach a deadlock. This happens when neither of you are ready to compromise nor let go off a certain issue. Although, that does not mean the person who gives up is weak or a push over. For example, if one of you wants to get married immediately and the other one wants to wait, then no one is right or wrong. It clearly depends from person to person and relationship to relationship. Thus, if you cannot reach a conclusion on such things on your own, then you can seek help from a counsellor.


There is no shame in seeking help from a relationship counsellor. Sometimes even the best of relationships need professional maintenance. However, it just shows that you are ready to put in the effort in saving your relationship because you love each other so much. At the same time, it is necessary to be in sync with how you feel. Only then, you will be able to identify the problem and then cater it. Do you happen to know any other sign to know that a relationship needs a counsellor? Let us know.

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