Do Girls Want to Date Only Tall Guys?

Date tall guys

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Not all girls like to date tall guys. Although there are many women who have dated and married men who are taller than them. Some would say they don’t care about the man’s height, but it seems that this is said to appreciate a short man. There is definitely something about tall guys that girls dig.

The heading of the article is a question. But to answer this, first, we will look at why girls want to date tall guys. What are the reasons that they have for dating tall guys? Here it goes.

Look macho and manly – Tall guys tend to look very macho and hence women feel romantically attracted to them. Women think taller guys look more male. This feeling is evolutionary. Females prefer men who they think can protect them and their families. They may get that feeling when they see a tall man.

Feeling petite and feminine – Girls feel feminine and petite in front of tall men. Even if they are generally tall, if they meet a taller man, they will feel feminine and petite. Women feel that the height difference highlights the sexes.

Confidence – Tall guys are perceived to be more confident. Although they may seem more intimidating because of their build, this may mean confidence to some. Girls are attracted to confident guys and the height makes them look that way.

Wear heels – Women love shoes, especially heels. Girls can wear high heels when they are with a tall guy. It is one of the best advantages if you date tall guys. The girls can feel smaller and somewhat more effeminate.

Seem powerful – Tall guys can seem more powerful than shorter guys. Because they seem powerful, the female brain thinks he can be a good protector. This can be a base for choosing a mate. It is very primal, but it does happen. They can even be like the girl’s personal bodyguard as they can shield you with their bodies.

Reach high points – One of the good reasons to date tall guys is that they can reach up to high points where women can’t get. That jar of spices on the top shelf, high above. Yep, he can get there and get it for the girl.

He can lift up – He can easily lift the girl up. He will be ready to catch the girl as she is smaller in size to him as a woman.

Not lost in a crowd – A tall guy will not get lost in a crowd. Wherever the woman is she can see him even in crowded places.

View block – In a concert, if the woman stands in front of the man, she will not be blocking his view. Instead, she could lean against him and cuddle as they watch the show.

Comfortable clothes – Women enjoy wearing his long shirts and what’s more, they can be worn as a dress even. Because the shirts are long and comfy, women have a good alternative to pajamas as they can lounge in them.

Pictures and romance – A tall guy is a girl’s own selfie stick, ensuring great angles in pictures. A girl feels more romantic as he literally sweeps her off her feet as he hugs her.

These are the reason to date tall guys or why date tall guys. However, not all women want to date tall guys. It mostly depends on the man’s personality and how he clicks with a woman. Attraction doesn’t have everything to do with height. If you like a person and they match your core values, then you are quite suitable to be with each other. Although there are advantages to being a tall guy, let that not be the only parameter when you choose a man.


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