How to Spend Time with your Gamer Partner

Gamer Partner

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Gamers – hardcore or casual can be challenging to create a relationship with. They are so much into the gaming world that they often don’t have time for anything else. So why would you date a gamer? There are quite a few benefits to have a gamer partner. Most of them are overlooked, but they are nonetheless benefits.

One of the very first and important advantages is that with a gamer, you have a lot of free time. They are not clingy like some partners and you can do whatever you want in your free time and space. They don’t breathe down your neck. They have tremendous patience as they spend so much time on one game. They are very good at following instructions. After all, this is what is needed when you play a game. So, if you instruct them to do something, chances are they will follow your instructions to the T.

When you are dating a gamer, you will always know where you will find them. It is obvious. They are so dedicated to games that you can rest assured they will be in a game room. Gamers want to win. Whether in a game or in life. They like challenges and will always fight for you and come through for you. They are like big little kids at their heart and will be playful with you. The tech-savvy gamers are intelligent and multi-taskers. They have a great sense of humor. They are very low maintenance, although it may not necessarily apply when you are dating a girl gamer. There are different stages of dating a gamer and it may vary slightly from normal dating. Because they are so much into their games, it may be difficult to catch their eye.

There are tips for dating a gamer if you want to catch one’s eye. They are quite special in their own way. Gamers will probably not text you back. So, if you want to talk to them you may as well call or facetime them. You will have your own computer technician at hand if you need one. You don’t have to fret or call someone from the service center. It is important to note that you must segregate gaming and dating time. This is so that you both spend time together and bond. Another thing – never tell him/her something when he/she is playing. They won’t remember.

The following are the ways you can spend time together if you have a gamer partner

Immersion in-game room – Get into the game room with your gaming partner. This is one way of enjoying time as you date a live gamer. Once you are in the game room, pick a seat and take hold of one controller. Be patient as you wait for him/her to acknowledge your presence. If that doesn’t work, you can always strip!

Getting food – One way of spending time with a gamer is to get the snacks. Food is required and loved by everyone. So, whip something up or order something to surprise your gamer partner. You can spend some time eating in peace together.

Join the game – If you want to stay close to him/her, you can always join the game. Learn the rules and play with him/her as they play the game. You may even have some fun doing it.

Work as a team – Work as a couple of teams. You do the tasks that he cannot, and he does what you cannot. Sometimes you can spend time doing things together. For example, he does dishes and you dry as you stand side by side.

Physical intimacy – Having sex is the most enjoyable way of getting someone at one time. So, get ready to seduce him or her and jump into bed for some sexy action.

Having a gamer partner has its pros and sometimes cons but they are adorable and special in their own way. Moreover, it doesn’t change the kind of person he/she is. So, if you like to spend your time with them then go for it.

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