How to Date a Heart Broken Person

How to Date a Heart Broken Person

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Ending relationships can lead to heartbreak and a heartbreak can feel like the world is ending. But with time, a broken heart can be mended so that it loves again. But we must understand what a heartbroken person feels like while you date a heart broken person. There is a lot of emotional pain, so much so that it’s excruciating. The person can barely think, move or function. They feel alone, trapped in a different world, removed from everyone. He/she will think that the ex was the best. The mind will remind him/her about the happy moments, and they will feel that their ex was the One. And that them living life without the significant other would be painful and difficult for them.

When you date a heart broken person you must have the courage to put time and effort in understanding a broken person. You will have to work very hard to help them heal as healing a broken heart isn’t easy.

The first question you ask yourself if you want to date a heart broken person is can you help a broken person? Because they need to go through the phase and not around it. They need to feel the pain and grieve completely before they finally move on. They need to gain their independence, work it out, create a new world and most importantly they need to find hope. Hope that they will be strong and happy. Happy that you will be there with them, sharing their life.

Dating a broken person isn’t easy as it comes with a lot of challenges. So how to date them? Read on to know.

Don’t try fixing – You cannot fix a person with a broken heart. This is something you need to understand. A heart takes a long time to heal as loss leaves a hole in the body.  You don’t need to fill that hole. You need to wait, be patient and show enough love so that the heart expands to make space for you.

Do not feel threatened by the past events – The person you like now used to love another in the past. That’s the reality and you need to accept it. However, you don’t need to be threatened that she/he loved another first and couldn’t love you. Memories will resurface at unexpected moments, but you gently need to pull them back into reality with you.

There will be caution – The broken person will be cautious while being with you. After their painful experiences in the prior relationship, they will not be too keen to get into a new relationship quickly. There might even be hesitation, but you need to be strong for them and pursue on.

Avoid pushing – Because the person is cautious you will need to be patient. You cannot be pushy about certain things. You cannot expect them to say I love you in a month. It takes time for the person to trust and open up again. So, wait for it.

Patience is key – Broken hearted people have been emotionally hurt and they just need someone who can love them unconditionally. So, you need to be patient and constantly remind them how important they are to you. That you are willing to accept them with all their scars and demons.

Lacking trust and willingness – The person will not trust you easily. As they have been through a broken relationship, they obviously will not trust anyone to let them close. They will not be willing to do many things that are normal for couples. But you need to stand strong. Remember that you want to date a heart broken person and you need to be patient and wait. Build your bonds with them so that they trust you enough to be with you.

When you want to date a heart broken person You will need to be strong for them. You will need to believe that the relationship will work out.

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