How to Identify If You Are in a Fake Relationship

Fake Relationship

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New relationships can be full of excitement, passion, and intrigue and you can’t help but fantasize about your future together. You want to be yourself in the relationship and make moments happy for yourself. You are truthful, loving and kind in the relationship and enjoy it. But you may be in a fake relationship and there will be red flags that you can see clearly. If your partner is abusive, reckless or disrespectful towards you then it’s necessary that you don’t turn a blind eye towards such behaviors. These acts indicate the type of person he/she is. Such issues more often than not escalate over time and if you ignore them it will manifest in a much larger and ugly way.


For a genuine person to be trapped in a fake relationship can be exhausting and painful for him/her. The relationship isn’t comforting and can cause anxiety as well. So how do you identify a true relationship?


If you are able to forgive your partner and able to understand him/her. You accept your partner as they are and aren’t afraid to tell them when they are wrong. You protect your partner, want to see them happy and feel hurt when they hurt. If you have these things common between you and your partner, then you know that you are in a genuine relationship. This is how one knows if the relationship is genuine.


But how to know if your partner is just using you and you are in a fake relationship? This is much more tricky, but there are a few signs that can help you understand this.


  • When you smile in public but constantly argue in private – This is one of the biggest ways to identify a fake relationship. When you have to pretend in front of others, the true feelings and intentions come out in private. What you see and feel in private can be a big signal that your relationship isn’t genuine. That you just have to put up a happy picture for others, but in reality, you and your partner don’t like being together.


  • Always needing to be right – This is one of the biggest signs that your relationship isn’t genuine. Power struggles are common in a fake relationship and there is always a competition to be the lead. In a healthy relationship, where communication is healthy and effective you wouldn’t feel the need to be right all the time.


  • Communication issues – In a fake relationship, communication just sucks. You do not find common ground and are unable to speak freely. The minute you know that you cannot express yourself freely, then there is a problem. Both people must feel comfortable in expressing their problems and jointly look for a solution.


  • Absence triggers emotional distance – When you are away from your partner, in a different city or house, he/she doesn’t call you. They don’t return your calls or messages. Fake partners have a tendency to ignore their partners when they are away and become non-communicative. They also tend to make excuses as to why they don’t communicate.


  • No discussion on the future – There is absolutely no discussion about the future. In a meaningful relationship, there is always talk of the future, about any plans of marriage or children or moving together. But in a fake relationship, there isn’t any of this as the person probably hasn’t thought about it or doesn’t plan on having a future with you.


  • Indifference and no inquiry about you – Fakers are indifferent to your feelings or concerns. They don’t talk about it, point it out or ask you about it. They are detached and make no effort to know what you feel or think. This means he/she has no interest in understanding you or trying to make you feel happy. These are bad signs.


The fake relationship causes pain and dissatisfaction. So, if you are unhappy in a relationship then try to figure out if it’s a fake one or not.


Author: Jolie Andre

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