Tips to date a Thai woman for a long-term relationship

tips to date a Thai woman

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Thailand is a pretty country with exotic beaches and good food. Many tourists visit the place. Many visitors are single men who wish to date Thai women. Thailand has really beautiful women with unique Asian features and slightly dark skin. They have gorgeous hair and are really quite stunning. There are a few myths floating about Thai women too and most are incorrect. In ancient Asian cultures, women were considered subservient and second. But these days things have changed. Women are second to none and men must be careful about this. Here are some tips to date a Thai woman for those who are interested.

Understand the culture – It is important to understand the culture of Thai women or Thai brides. It may be different from your own. Thailand is a historic country, rich in culture and traditions. Do research on art, food and festivals so that you have something to talk about on your dates. This also shows your interest in them. They will feel special knowing you made an effort for them. You can go see Thai folk dances or eat at a Thai restaurant to show your appreciation of their culture.

Thoughts – Women can be stereotyped as being materialistic and this applies to Thai women as well. If you believe this and think expensive gifts and experiences will make it easy for you, you would be wrong. They won’t ask for money, expect to be taken to fine restaurants or take expensive gifts from you. They have their own jobs and can take care of themselves. But like any romantic relationship, small tokens of appreciation and gifts are always welcomed by women of any country. Love, respect and care are what matters most.

Respect – There is a wrong perception that most Thai women are easy because many work in bars and sometimes questionable establishments. They are generalised as hookers all over media. But it isn’t always true that all Thai women are like that. Many are judged if they even hang out with men from other races and because of this, many are wary of dating foreigners. So, it is important for you to let her know that you respect her. In Thai dating, you must make the girl feel like you are genuinely interested in her and not just the physical relations part. Make your asking out traditional and polite. Be patient and don’t be too pushy.

First impressions – Dress well and not just in sleeveless shirts and short pants that local men walk around in. Dressing properly makes the first impression good and you have more chances of succeeding.

Seriousness – Set the tone of seriousness in your relationship if you are ready. So, meeting parents means that your next logical step is marriage. But if you aren’t ready for it, don’t take this step of meeting the family right away. Take your time and decide when you are ready.

Slow and sure – Take things slow and don’t try to jump from 0 to 100. Being too fast and rude is negative in Thai culture. It is important that you don’t make sexual advances on the first date. This gives rise to worry that you are stereotyping her as a Thai woman involved in the flesh trade. Something that tourists think about Thai women. Don’t attempt public displays of affection or try to kiss her in public.

Commitment – Make sure to show her that you are committed to giving the relationship a respectful name. Make sure to communicate that you don’t stereotype her and are committed to take this relationship seriously.

If you are really interested in dating Thai women but don’t have any way to contact them, there are mail order bride services available from Thailand. Thai women list themselves in mail order bride sites and seek men who are living in more developed nations, for a good life. These marriages are brokered by agencies that introduce two people and translate for them if needed. However, this again depends on what you want. You may just want tips to date a Thai woman and date her face to face before deciding if you want to take the relationship to the next level.


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