10 Things a Woman Look in a Man Before Dating

Woman Look in a Man

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Big cities… Millions of singles… Finding your man is not an easy task. Romantic relationship plays an important role in maximum people’s lives, the personality of a person in a relationship is a fascinating topic. Traditional blind dates create lots of awkward pauses and we start to count down the minutes until it’s over. At present, the trend for dating sites is rapidly growing to find things a woman look in a man before deciding to date. Being a woman, I myself do not find all characteristics in a man I always used to dream of and I end up deciding to date when some important things are at least met in a man.

Women are very sensitive and notice everything how a man tries to attract her, especially the way he treats his environment. Just the way, a man has few things about a woman that attracts him, the same way women have their own wish list in a guy they meet. They have their own choices that separate a great guy from the mere mortals. Women are born with abundant needs, complicated lives, and assets to the world. Hence, they don’t require to settle in an unhappy relationship for financial security. In my opinion, having a comfort zone with a man is much more important than thinking about financial security when you are just about to go for a date.

Key factors and things a woman look in a man before dating them

Emotion or Chemistry:

I find emotions as the base of any relationship and true emotions help to establish a foundation for a deeper connection. A guy should be genuine with his emotions and about the relationship which indicates his caring and affectionate nature. Girls always prefer their men to be vulnerable and upfront about their feelings.

Trustworthy or Reliability:

A vacant promise is a vital reason that destroys a women’s interest. Women pay more attention to a man who’s not fickle-minded. Being loyal to his partner is a sign of his ethics. Therefore, the words should be placed carefully and then respect his sweetheart. I have come across men who don’t think much before even they think twice and women must be careful about these. Take your own time to judge and decide if the man is trustworthy?

Spontaneous and full of surprises:

Women love their man to be spontaneous and full of surprises. Oh! Yes, Surprise gift works like magic as it expresses love and care for their partner. To me, when a man plans for surprise meetings and gifts, it shows that they think about you even if they end up spending whole day working in the office. How would you feel if your partner plans a trip to one the best winter travel places as a surprise for you? Think about doing it.

A quality physique:

Women get attracted to those biceps and those deltoids in her men’s shoulders. Constant work out makes a man look healthier and radiant. Clothes on a good physique just look oh-so-sexy. Appearance does matter a lot to attract women. So, I feel a man who keeps himself well groomed will not go unnoticed by her woman.

Men with Patience:

Patience acts as a virtue and is a key factor in dating. Women just love their men to be patient and caring. I find most of the men being impatient and they want everything from the first date itself. When you don’t see your man handling things maturely and with patience, you need to halt and decide. That’s one of the important thing woman look in a man before dating.

 Men with a good sense of humour:

It takes a few seconds for a girl to find out the guy has a good sense of humour just by having a conversation with him. And this factor really helps to impress a girl. Keeping the conversation always alive is an important factor woman look for in their man.

A man with confidence: 

When it comes to dating, it is very important to learn to be confident. A man with confidence is more attractive to women as it shows his abilities. Girls prefer their man who feels good about themselves and makes them feel good too. A guy should never feel the need to violate her privacy and personal space as it shows he doesn’t trust his women. But, I do not want you to confuse confidence with arrogance. Confident men are not arrogant and they treat you the same in all situations.

Great understanding:

Satisfying and understanding relationships happen when both people work hard to maintain stability and peace. Girls look for guys with charming personality and who don’t get into conflicts for every smallest thing in the world. I’ve faced many situations where we ended up in conflicts for small things like choice of our clothes or place to travel. Understanding between two people will play a major role for a healthy relationship.

A good job with a handsome salary:

Women like a well settled guy, so a good job and a handsome salary is must to be in the choice list of a girl. I am not saying on rich man can have beautiful relationships but having a decent job reflects a man’s ability to perform their duties in the future.

Admiring behaviour.

Respectful and admiring behaviour is necessary to attract women. Good-natured women always prefer a well-mannered man who behaves well with everyone. As I mentioned earlier, when I was dating one of the guy initially it was all great but gradually I saw him changing and getting annoyed for small things. That’s not the nature of a stable man. It is important to take time to decide if you’re going ahead with a right man?

The way romantic stories from movies and television always ends when the couple finally get together and live happily the rest of life. Similarly in the real world, everyone wants the same ending with easy-going relations. A romantic relationship should follow the three main stages: Romantic Love, Realistic Love and Mature Love. No one is infallible. Each stage of love is stuffed with mistakes that need to build safety together.

Thousands of breakups in a relationship can be blessed just with love. While dating a man when one is constantly confused, the above-mentioned points can help her to choose her soulmate. The main objective is to find a man who is capable to acknowledge them and can learn from them to make the relationship flourish smoothly.

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