What is Hookup? The Must Follow Hookup Rules

Hook-up Rules

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Hooking up means casual sexual encounters without any long-term commitment or emotional bonding. However, Hook up may mean different things to different people. It does have the base of intimacy, it may not necessarily mean sex. It may mean that two people met, just made out or fooled around. Hook up is an ambiguous term used to indicate physical sexual activity or kissing between two sexual partners. The must-follow hookup rules that should be followed if you want to become a pro in a hookup.

If you are thinking about a hookup then you must go through the hookup tricks and tips so you can get one soon. For example, make eye contact and be confident. Many partners consider this as sexy. It can be a direct way of saying that you want the other sexually. Ensure that where you hook up, it is a private space. This will let you be in peace and you can enjoy more intimacy. Carrying protection is a big plus as often without this you won’t find casual sex partners, among an important hookup rules.

So, now that we have explained what a hookup is, the nest question would be how to find the right person for a hookup? This is simple. You can either look for partners in your social scene or there are amazing apps that are “for sex only”. The ship, Disckreet, Sexy vibes, Casualx, 69 positions, and Tingle are some examples of sex only apps. Then there is the Happn, Tinder, and Bumble as well. Tinder is notoriously known for people wanting casual sex.

However, there are rules of Hooking-Up that you must be aware of for your own benefit.


  • The first hookup rule is to use protection always. Because this is a first casual sex encounter, you must be prepared to protect yourself and the other person form any kind of risk or infection. Many people don’t go into a hookup setting if there isn’t any protection being used. Safe sex is important.
  • Respect is a paramount hookup etiquette. You must respect the other party and be considerate towards their wishes as well. Respect their needs and wants and don’t pester them for more information than they are willing to give.
  • Don’t hook up with friends. This changes the dynamic in your relationship and there is no going back from casual sex. However, if you are interested in the long term then you can probably go for it.
  • Communicate clearly about what your expectation is. Make your wants and desires very clear from the beginning so that there is no messy show of emotion later.
  • Set ground rules as to how you want to go about it. You may not want to bring the person back home for whatever reason. So, set you to meet in a good hotel.
  • It may be a casual encounter but don’t be cool and uncaring towards the partner. You can be sensitive and try to fulfil the partner’s desires even in casual sex. This is important if you both want to enjoy the encounter.
  • Be safe. Tell someone where you are going as you will be meeting an unknown person in a new location.
  • Don’t make it uncomfortable for the other person by talking about unnecessary things. You cannot comment on their clothing or their relationships. Do not stalk or get too possessive.
  • If you don’t want to hook up after meeting that person, that is perfectly alright. But be nice while telling them this. Don’t be mean.
  • Understand that sex has to be CONSENSUAL. This is one of the most important rules of Hooking-Up. There shouldn’t be any exceptions to this ever.
  • And the last one is an important “how to hookup” tip. Process what went down and how to feel about. Not processing what happened can be a great mental burden alter on.

With these hookup rules, you should be able to date someone without worrying much.

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