How to Make Your Relationship a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

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A healthy relationship is one that can bring out the best in a person. It may not be perfect, but it will keep you in an almost happy state. So, what is a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship’s definition is a relationship that is full of joy and love. It doesn’t mean it is easy in any way. There are a few signs of a healthy relationship that can point out if you are in one or not.  When couples can freely speak to each and express themselves then they thrive. The partners will listen to each other and have fun spending time with each other. They will have their own space and maintain relationship boundaries. The couple may fight but it will be fair and productive for a healthy relationship. There is no stooping down to name-calling just to hurt the other. The couple makes joint decisions and has a joyful life. They treat each other with kindness and trust. They are proud of each other’s accomplishments and can talk about sex openly.


The above are the signs of a healthy relationship. But what do you need to do to make it healthy? What makes a healthy relationship? Here is how.


Build Trust – Trust is a crucial factor in a healthy relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, then the relationship will not be stable or healthy. Trust becomes stronger over time and can be built. If there isn’t any trust in the beginning, then it means that you just need to work towards building it.


Happiness and space – Both partners have to know that they hold the key to their own happiness. The partner shouldn’t be the source of your happiness. In a true and healthy relationship, the partners know that the other isn’t the source of their happiness. They know that they can help and support each other. They have their own space and their own set of friends to chill with. If they are completely dependent on each other and spend every waking moment together, then that isn’t healthy.


Control and fixing – Neither partner tries to control the other one. They accept who they are individually and still decide to be together. No one tries to “fix” the other by pushing then to do something. In a healthy relationship, the partners do things willingly, without pushing and accept what they can and can’t do.


Value and acceptance – Both partners must value the relationship and be willing to work through conflicts. They have to be loyal to each other and must commit to grow and learn lessons together. They must accept each other for who they are with the pros and cons. Two people are not going to agree on everything and there will be conflict. Couples need to accept that and be willing to talk about it and work through it.


Comfort and compassion – The couple must allow the relationship to move at a comfortable pace. They shouldn’t try to push for something fast. Things mustn’t be rushed or imbalanced. There should be no pressure to have sex or get married. The couple needs to be fully comfortable with each other. Compassion and concern are also necessary for a healthy relationship. The couple must care for each other, be kind and supportive of each other.


Communication and forgivenessCommunication is the core of any relationship. And couples who are together, need to communicate effectively to understand each other. Communication doesn’t just mean talking, but also listening to the other partner. Forgiveness is another trait or practice that is needed in a healthy relationship. There will be disagreements, fights and sometimes couples may emotionally hurt each other. But they must apologize and forgive each other.


Keeping any relationship in good shape is hard. But you can try improving it by talking about what can be done better. Be clear and respectful of each other and work your way through it.

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