What Do Women Like to Read Online?

what do women like to read

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Men and women are created differently. This difference reflects strongly in their preferences and perspective of life. According to the reading agency, men prefer to watch big screen adaptations whilst women read the books. Though, in the current day and age, it is very difficult to get time to read books, women always find a way. You will often find a lady, either engrossed into her screen or with her face hidden behind a book. Apart from this habit of reading away to glory, the bigger question is, what exactly are these women reading now a days.

With this article, we shall try to throw some light on a few things women like to read about;

Adult Stories

Everyone loves a naughty read to stir up their imagination. Therefore, adult based stories on women are quite popular among the clan. There are a lot of women authors who love to share their adult experiences with the fellow comrades and help them explore their sexuality. These stories, when written, from a first-person perspective, can trigger emotions that you haven’t felt before, between your legs.

Relationship advice

The popularity of the agony aunt and sex columns can be credited to women. They love to masticate on topics like extra marital affair stories and tickle their detective minds to solve crimes in their community. These columns also cater to the awakening of women, making them more vocal about their problems. They talk about everything under the sun on topics such as their fantasies, genital problems, relationship issues, family acceptance, etc.

Celebrity gossip

The idols of today are flawed. Unlike yesteryears, when celebrities earned their fame with their work, today it’s just the other way around. The celebrities we often look up to come with a baggage of juicy gossip. It can be gossip around their new releases, the extra marital affair stories, child from an ex, eating disorders, etc. And when it comes to gossip, what could be better than serving it to a woman, on a platter to relish.

Global recipes

It’s a global phenomenon that women love to cook. Well, unsure about the busy women of today, finding time to cook, but no one can resist the Instagram-worthy images. These images inspire to make delicious recipes instead of the mundane adult based stories about women that they often cook up. Finding recipe inspirations online and cooking your own food, leads to good health as all your senses are involved in feeding your body and soul.

Health and fitness

With all the material available around women have started reading up a lot more about maintaining their body and staying fit. This method is tested, not only to keep the wrinkles at bay but also the potential mistress. Apart from the fad of healthy diets and work out regimes promoted by celebrities; spiritual healing also plays a key role. This phenomenon has given rise to a lot of healing centers across the globe.

Mother and baby care

For expecting mothers or existing ones, there is a lot of content to read. This content often comprises of tips on how to take care of their babies whilst not missing out on their very health. It is always very important for a mother to feel psychologically connected with the child, especially in an age when the child can’t speak. There are many courses that allow new mothers to feel this connection and strengthen their bond with the child, not just a few years after birth but for a lifetime.

As the famous saying goes, ‘You are what you read’ a woman way of life and her mindset can be defined from the books she picks. Without any judgements, all women have a beautiful mind in their own ways and the best way to cater to them is by providing them a piece to read that appeals to them the most.

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