5 Deal Breakers of 2022

deal breakers of 2022

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Love hasn’t exactly been in the air in 2022 with the whole pandemic situation. The number of breakups and divorce has been on the rise ever since people started finding out that being locked together for months or being apart for months at end isn’t as pleasant as they thought it to be. Here are 5 of the most common deal breakers of 2022 that put a full stop to quite a few relationships.

1. Virtual Cheating

Gone are the days when you had to physically step out after lying to your partner in order to meet the other guy or girl. Now everyone can be done over a text message. Just like everything right from education to work to dating is virtual, so is cheating. Make no mistake people, flirting over texts is cheating. Hiding your chats from your partner, sharing intimate relationship secrets, involving other guys or girls in your life even over the phone or text is still cheating.

And this has been one of the major deal breakers lately. 2022 has us all quarantined, locked in our houses with phones as the ultimate means to entertainment. Out of boredom and monotony, partners found others to chat with, flirt and even sext. This, friends, is definitely a deal breaker.

2. Girl/Boy Besties

Life was simpler when girls were besties with girls and guys with guys. With changing trends, rising equality and openness in relationships, we see a lot of girl-guy best friendships. And as they call it ‘a lot more than friends, and a little less than lovers’. However, this has confused actual lovers. We see people being closer to their besties and their partners getting jealous as a result. A lot of younger adults are not actually comfortable with their partner being so close to another person of the opposite sex. It leads to trust issues and eventually breakups.

3. Clingy Partners

This isn’t even a recent thing actually. Many of us may have encountered a clingy partner or a potential date at least once in our lifetime and we can all agree it did not end well. Clingy partners can drive you up the wall and the relationship just turns out to be a disaster. Such couples seldom last. There are constant fights and trust issues, eventually leading to faded feelings and a broken partnership.

4. Long Distance Relationships

This has been one of the major deal breakers of 2022. They say long distance relationships are a true test of love. By being apart a couple can really know if they’re willing to be together against the odds and can survive being physically apart from each other. Education and career opportunities lead to couples going in their separate directions while still trying to maintain their love.

This works well for some, but is a definite deal breaker for those who require constant physical connection and intimacy from their partners. The virtual connection isn’t enough and loneliness gets to them. Soon they start looking for real companions near them and drift away from their original partners after showing signs of fading relationships.

5. Dating Apps

We’ve all heard of Tinder and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are several such dating apps that help you easily connect with people near you or even from different parts of the world. Dating apps have made finding a date or a partner easy. This means that replacement is easy too. One little fight and the partner could go browsing singles across the city. With one swipe, they’re done and the other partner will have no clue whatsoever. The new mentality of replacing broken things (read relationships) rather than fixing them, is surely one of the biggest deal breakers of this decade.

Relationships aren’t easy and require a lot of commitment, understanding and adjustment from both parties. As 2022 was already taxing on everyone financially and physically, emotional matter bore the brunt eventually and the world as a whole saw a lot of broken relationships.