5 Best Places to Have a simple Tattoo for Men

places to have a simple Tattoo for Men

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A tattoo says a lot about the person bearing it. Also, it is something permanent hence, it is important that you pay attention to every detail, even the fact that where you are getting it. Good ink looks cute on women wherever they get them. But with men, it is somewhat complicated. Women can look good with a tattoo on the hip or lower back but for men, it is not the case. Here are 5 best places to have a simple Tattoo for Men.

1. Chest

A tattoo on the chest makes you look tough. The chest has an area big enough for a big design or an imprinted picture. Also, if you are the kind of man who loves baring their chest every chance you get, then having a tattoo is the best option. It will get you a wonderful reaction from people around you, especially women. Also, getting a tattoo on the chest is not much painful as well. However, avoid the collarbone because it can be very painful to get inked there. You can check with the artist if they can use any tattoo numbing cream in order to have a painless experience of getting inked.

2. Biceps

Biceps are one of the good places to have a tattoo. Just flex those muscles and have the people around you get fixated on them. Also, it will be easy to hide them when you want to keep them away from everyone’s eyes. It is sexy and not very painful to get inked on biceps. If you have good biceps, a tattoo can accentuate your toned muscles.

3. Back

Back is the classy and one of the best places to have a simple Tattoo for Men. You can get inked all over your back, across the back, in the middle, across shoulders, and between your shoulder blades. It is easy to hide the tattoo when you don’t want to show them off and has enough space for a big, simple, and complex tattoo. And its is masculine as well as sexy. Minimal pain is an added perk.

4. Inner Wrist

If you think your wrist looks empty, you can carefully select a tattoo design, it might make the area look charming. The wrist is a small place hence, the design should be small and simple. The pain on getting inked is a little higher as compared to the above places, it is still bearable if you relax. You can also get a small intricate tattoo done on your inner wrist. However, hiding the tattoo here will be a little difficult. So, if you work in an organization that doesn’t support tattoos, this is not the right place for you.

5. Outer Shoulder

Tattoo lovers love getting inked on the outer shoulder for two reasons. First, it has ample space giving you a limitless choice for tattoo designs. And secondly, you can easily coverup or expose the area. Also, since the outer shoulder has a lot of muscle and a few nerves endings, it is less painful to get the tattoo here. If you are a first-timer, it is the best place to get inked. If you re too afraid to bear any amount of pain, you can ask the tattoo artist to use analgesic cream.

Getting a tattoo is a big thing, so, you should be careful about what you are getting inked and where. You have to keep many things in mind like if you will have to hide tattoos at times or if you want a big or small design. These factors play an important role in picking up a place on your body to get inked. A tattoo is a beautiful emotion, so, be careful with it.