5 Things You Must Discuss With Your Partner in a Relationship

discuss with your partner in a relationship

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A committed relationship has its own joys. However, to love isn’t enough for a lasting relationship. You need more than love to make it work. Once you have agreed to be committed, there will be topics, sometimes sensitive ones, which you will have to discuss with your partner in a relationship. These things are important to understand and be on the same page as each other. Not only that, a harmonious and comfortable relationship can be developed through open communication. Here are a few things that one must discuss.


Money has always been a point of contention and it can be difficult to talk about finances. People can get defensive about it and it can symbolize success and personal worth. That is why many find it difficult to express that they are in debt. Having debt isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if you are with the right person. But it can affect your future in various ways. That is why it is essential to come clean about it and create a plan of action to clear the debt. Apart from debt, talk about money management with each other, how would you split the expenses, who would take care of what? As long as you are single, you spend what you earn, but in a relationship, there are two people and the other could be used a different lifestyle. Hence, discussing expenditure and savings is a big part of a successful relationship.


Family is again an important thing to talk about. If you have children or your partner has children then the living situation needs to be figured out. Do you want to have more children or not? Do you want to raise a large family together or just have one or two kids? Try to talk about these questions. Family doesn’t just mean kids; it could also mean the both of you with your two dogs or cats. But there is always room for discussion if something changes, so you must be comfortable having these discussions.

Physical relations

Physical affection and sex are so very important in a relationship. It is one thing that sets the relationship apart from others like friendship. It brings two people together and intimacy acts as a bond. It is important to understand that your partner may not show physical affection the same way you would. So, there should be sex topics for discussion between you two – such as how comfortable you are with new sex acts? How do you envision the ideal sex life in the long term? And if one person always initiates sex and the other doesn’t? Talk it out always.

Plans and goals

The future is one thing that you need to plan for. And to plan for it accurately, you may need to create a clear idea of how you want it to be. In a relationship, because you can think of what your partner could be thinking, it would be best to discuss with your partner. Don’t leave it to the flow as each of you would have some dreams and goals. These need to be discussed as you would be working on them. While you are working on them, it could mean some impact on your relationship. A good example would be, if you are working toward a promotion, you may need to spend some more time at work.


Beliefs and core values are at the center of who you are as a person. As such, it is crucial to be open about this. Often, two people assume who their partner is and what their belief systems are. This leads to misunderstandings. So, do make time for this discussion.

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