Communication! The Key for a Successful Relationship

key for a successful relationship

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Couples want to have a rewarding and successful relationship and yet it is completely normal for them to go through ups and downs. A successful relationship depends on certain factors. Communication is the keys to a strong and happy relationship are remembering the positive things about each other, spending time with each other, accepting and valuing differences, being supportive, flexible and attentive with each other. The most crucial key for a successful relationship is communication. It is the most basic actions that can be performed to have a fruitful and successful relationship. Couples can learn to manage relationship communication problems by following the below-mentioned points while communicating with each other.

• Give your complete attention to your partner when you are talking to each other. Lean in and let your body communicate clearly that you are focused and intent on listening to what he/she is saying.

• Be comfortable in a place which is apt for the topic you are about to discuss. For example, the talk about money matters shouldn’t happen on the bed.

• Own the feelings you have and talk in a way that says each of you are responsible for your own feelings.

• Maintain eye contact while talking and convey that you are not afraid to face them. This doesn’t mean staring them down.

• Don’t interrupt and invite your partner to add to the conversation.

A collaborative approach is best as communication and relationship are closely linked. People who don’t talk or stop talking can head towards tough times. There are different ways you can have a relationship healthy communication with your partner. Mostly it has to do with being kind and truthful.

Conflicts are inevitable and poor communication just makes it worse. Try to build relationship communication skills so that you can maintain a long and loving bond with your partner. Poor communication causes anger and distance which can be managed by developing a good
relationship in communication. Read on to know-how.

Listen closely – When communicating with your partner you must listen carefully. This doesn’t mean thinking about your response. That isn’t listening. Effective communication needs to go both ways and you must listen to your partner without interrupting.

Be focused – Focus on the current matter at hand. Don’t get defensive and bring up past issues to talk about at the current time. It may feel like its relevant to talk about other things that matter to you but focus on the decided topic that is being discussed so you can effectively resolve it.

Viewpoints – In any conflict, we want to be understood and heard. But what about the other party. Don’t you think they would want the same? So, give them that. Make efforts to understand their situation and see from their point of view. Focusing too much on yourself will not be healthy.

Compromise – There is nothing wrong in looking for a compromise. There is no point in angling for a win in the argument. Look for something that meets everybody’s requirements. Although winning may seem better but realize that you are getting something at the other person’s cost, which isn’t ideal for any partnership. Compromise is key for a successful relationship so that both parties can be happy.

Time Out – Whenever the conversation becomes too heated take some time out. Talking in the heat of the moment may not result in the best things. You may end up saying things that only hurt both of you.

Communication is critical in maintaining healthy and balanced relationships. If you aren’t able to communicate effectively with your partner then ask for help. Family therapy or counseling may help in bridging the gap. The final goal of effective communication is to find solutions that please all and mutually benefit both.

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