5 Unusual Places to Propose your Partner

unusual places to propose your partner

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Looking for some unique and out of the box ideas for proposing your partner? Proposing at a restaurant, at a party, or at public place has become quite typical nowadays. So we’ve picked up 5 unusual places to propose your partner. People feel their energies high when exposed to a particular type of surroundings. For example, some people feel more positive emotions when they are in nature. Hence, these are different places selected for different kind of surroundings that people like.

5 unusual places to propose your partner

On a boat

Proposing on a boat in the middle of the sea can’t be more romantic for a water sports enthusiast or someone who loves travelling at beaches. If you own a boat, it is needless to say that you should go for a boat ride and make the proposal. If you don’t own a boat, you have plenty of options ranging from a big cruise to a small vessel. Big cruises will allow you to enjoy the moment with the rest of the people along with you but if privacy is your thing and if you want to keep the vibe personal, going for a smaller boat would be much better.

On top of an observation deck in your favorite city

Imagine proposing your partner on top of a tall skyscraper in the middle of the city from where you can have a 360 degree view of the entire city! Feels great? Then observation decks are for you. You can simply ask for dinner and give an overwhelming surprise to your partner at night; when the city appears even more attractive because of the vast city lights.

An art museum

If your partner is an artist her/himself and holds an interest in these areas, go out for a museum date where you can propose in peace. Museums will give you room to appreciate the intimacy of the precious moment. Look for a place where you already have some memories attached. Somewhere you went onto the first date with your partner or the place where you both first met. The same place will now hold multiple memories and you’ll be recollecting those memories every single time you’ll visit that place.

Into nature

Best for nature enthusiasts and someone who has wanderlust. Look for a place you regularly go to on Sunday mornings for a jog or a small hike. Plan a day just to explore the nearby woods or a hill station. Stretched grassland, a small hill, anything might do, just the place should be filled with natural beauty. Next, find the perfect moment to execute the task. Better look for a place where there are less or no people so that you’ll be able to connect better with your partner and nature.

In your own home

Decorate your home with all the intrinsic and personal things you both share. For example, you can fill the home with your partners favorite colour with the help of balloons, candles, ribbons etc., you can stick your photographs on the wall right from the time when you went together until now, you can prepare your partner’s favorite dish for the dinner, you can binge on your favorite T.V. show, etc. Proposing your partner in your own home would be the most surprising one among all. Who would expect that to happen? Your home is the most usual yet unusual place to propose.

Whatever the venue you choose, everything ultimately depends upon your words and expression of love!

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