Cheating or Breaking up! Which is a better way out from a Relationship

cheating or breaking up

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You know that your relationship has burnt out or you are in a toxic relationship and now you want a way out from the relationship. So how do you get out of a relationship? Is cheating or breaking up the way?

Cheating – Cheating can mean different things to different people. It is what the people in a relationship feel is what matters.  For some kissing isn’t cheating, but for others it is. If you have to hide or lie about your acts, if you think your partner would be upset if they knew the truth, you feel guilty and you wouldn’t want your partner to do it then you are cheating. Betraying a partner’s trust is painful for both parties. If one person is constantly thinking of cheating, then one reason can be that she/he isn’t happy in the relationship. That’s when you need to stop and decide what’s best, Cheating or Breaking up?

Cheating isn’t the best way of ending a relationship. It brings a lot of problems and emotional pain. Many feel guilty and the feelings of guilt can drive people insane. There is anxiety, depression and constant pressure on the mind. It is like feeling mentally unwell. On top of that, the effect it has on family and friends can be painful, embarrassing and awkward. A person’s reputation and relations with everyone around is also affected.

Break up – Breaking up is also hard when you have been with a person for some time. You will be sad and worried about hurting your partner. Relationships can work only if two people want to stay in it. But if they aren’t interested then it’s better to go their separate ways. It is wrong to be in a relationship when two people don’t feel it. So, it’s better if you come out and say it.

If you are not happy in a relationship or if it’s toxic, then just breakup. You cannot do anything to make the break up easier. It is going to be messy and painful. Although you can make it bearable by being forward and honest. Explore your feelings and try putting it into the right words. They must be truthful but at the same time shouldn’t hurt the other person.

Honesty is hard and you don’t want to hurt the other partner. But honesty is also crucial. Be prepared to list out reasons or the reason as to why the relationship has to end. Do not be disrespectful about it. Meet in person and tell them. Do not just text it. Do not be rude or distant. Try to be understanding. It can also be tempting to not break up as it isn’t the easiest way out. But don’t give in and do the right thing. If you feel the need to ask for cheating or breakup advice, ask for break up advice.

Choose to break up instead of cheating as cheating isn’t good for emotional health. There are a few ways on how to break up if you are unhappy in a relationship.

Say in person – If you want to break up with your current partner, then do it in person. Breaking up over phone, text or email is plain insensitive and rude. Meet with the person and lay down all the reasons it isn’t working for you.

Prepare – Think about the reasons why you need to break up. You will need to explain this to your partner as well.

Choose the spot – Choose the right place to break the news. Choose a safe and comfortable place, possibly in public.

Clean break – Make a clean break. Don’t agree to keep in touch or “be friends’ just because you want to avoid pain for your partner. That way you will hurt them more.

Moving on is important after deciding Cheating or Breaking up from the relationship. Take this time apart to focus on yourself and your family.

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