How to have a Smooth Hook up?

Smooth Hook up

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Relationships are an important part of one’s life. At the same time, there are certain people who cannot commit to a relationship. Although, everyone has their own needs and there is nothing wrong with having a casual Smooth hook-up.

However, certain people in society find it shameful. But, there is nothing wrong with it. Have fun and get over it. They can be fun if you know the right way of having them.

It is always better to have sex with a person who shares some deep connection with you. You are comfortable with each other and your partner understands what works for your body and what does not. Although, at the same time, having sex with an unknown person can also be a unique experience.

Make sure that your one-night stand is a success. Read on to find out and learn tips to have a Smooth hook-up.

Ditch the shame

Having a one night stand does not resonate with many people’s personality and that is okay. So, do not force yourself. However, if you are curious about trying something like this, then go for it without any inhibitions.

You cannot have casual sex and be ashamed of it too. Just release those shackles and some fun. If you are confident and sexually empowered, you can actually have a great one-night stand experience.



Well, communication is the key to everything. Even a one night stand. You should communicate your desires with yourself. Understand what you exactly want. At the same time, communicate the same with your hook-up partner too. If you want to make the most out of this experience, then you must communicate about your desires to your partner.

There is no point in having sex with someone if you are not going to enjoy it. Dump your fears and take control of your experience.


Understand what you want

You have to check in with yourself before going for experiences like these. You need to be totally on board with this. Even if there is a little voice in your head that is telling you to not do it, don’t. Your one night stand experience will be a bad one if you are not honest with yourself.

Also, never go for a hook-up by thinking that it will turn out to be something more. Do not look for a deeper connection or a relationship there. Just have fun and move on.

Indulge in safe sex

This one is really important. Safe sex and birth control pills should be checked before going for a one night stand. You do not want to be unprepared and just swept up at the moment. Accidents usually happen like that only. Use one form of birth control before you start engaging in casual sex.

Also, none of them are 100 percent effective. Thus, it is advisable to use more than one. You can get on the pill or get an IUD. Also, use condoms always.

Relax and enjoy

So, once you have cleared your head and taken precautions, you should begin with the fun stuff. The whole idea about having a one night stand is to have fun. It is all about mutual pleasure. You will just have to put in the effort to make sure that it is safe. Then, you are off to a great start.

Relax and enjoy every bit of it. Do not rush into the process. You can even communicate a little bit with your partner in between that will help you to have a Smooth hook-up. Read some erotic stories together to relax and get some new ideas.


These were some of the tips for a good hook-up. Enjoy the whole process and do it again if you like. Many people also convert their hook-ups into relationships. However, do not go for a one night stand with that mind-set.

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