How to Find Your Partner’s Soul Urge Number

Find your partner’s soul urge number

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Numerology is an important branch that has come into limelight over the recent years. It is considered as one of the basic means of reading one’s destiny. In simple terms, numerology is the divine connection that is established between a number and a corresponding event. It is a common practice in significant practices like card reading and zodiac analysis. Professional numerologists are skilled individuals who help in deriving conclusions from numbers associated with a person. Find your partner’s soul urge number since it is an important aspect that is often treated as important when it comes to compatibility.


As mentioned formerly, numerology is a complex technique that involves a number of aspects. Similarly, the soul urge number in numerology paves a gateway to one’s Karmic number or Life Path number by calculating his or her soul urge number. Different numbers symbolize different character traits in a person. This number is often believed to influence one’s life choices and c ravings. Often, one’s personality is highly influenced by this number. You can calculate your soul urge number using simple tools.


Two individuals who are in a relationship walk through thick and thin together. Compatibility is an important aspect of a relationship. Two individuals might be in love with each other but the compatibility factor sometimes do not turn out to be in their favour. Compatibility is often influenced by the Soul Urge number. Thus, if you invest some time to find your partner’s soul urge number and tallying it with yours, you might generate effective results, which might help in analyzing the compatibility in your relationship. This shall save time and can even prevent you from heartbreaks!


The soul urge number of an individual can be calculated through simple tools, either manually or using online soul urge calculator. If you want to calculate your partner’s number manually, for the best results, follow the simple steps as follows.

1. Write down his/her official name (including surname) on a piece of paper.

2. The names should be written in a single line.

3. Pick out the vowels in the name. The vowels are selected because they let breath to escape freely while pronouncing the name.

4. Each vowel comprises of a specific number, namely:

A: 1

E: 5

I: 9

O: 6

U: 3

Y: 7

5. Add up the numbers until you get a single digit.

6. Except the master numbers 11 and 22, the soul urge numbers are usually single digits.

7. There is no soul urge number 10. It is added as 1+0= 1.


1 : Independence and self efficiency. Signifies great leadership.

2 : Sensitivity and emotions. Looks for comfort and security.

3 : Crowd pleaser, usually entertaining and charming.

4 : Disciplined and organized, likes to follow rules.

5 : Attractive personality, has a hard time moving out of the comfort zone.

6 : Selflessness and places other’s choices before theirs.

7 : Skeptic and not easily convinced, requires evidence.

8 : Materialistic, demands authority in every aspect.

9 : Looks for welfare of the people, highly conscious of surroundings.

11 : Looks at the bigger picture, spiritually active.

22 : Ambitious, wants to leave a legacy.

Summing up, the soul urge number plays an important role in a relationship. However, it is a matter of belief. The shortcomings can be adjusted if you are dedicated towards the relationship with your partner. One can always work on the drawbacks. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Thus, it is important to talk to your partner about it. One can even consult a professional numerologist and get assistance.

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