How to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend?

Forget Your Ex-boyfriend

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Heartbreaks are real. Breakups in relationships hurt.  That doesn’t mean you will stop loving.  It is not easy to move on immediately but, at least giving yourself some time and giving life a chance is one of the ways you can push your life back on track. Breakups are truly, genuinely hurtful. Circumstances make you blame your life, your destiny, your fate for the whole mess. All you realize is how broken and depressed you are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t forget your ex-boyfriend and get back to your life.

Absolutely, heartbreaks into the number of pieces when you face betrayal. When you feel betrayed by the guy you trusted the most. Life seems to be unfair when you get cheated on by the guy to whom you gave was tons of love, blind trust and your heart full of pure feelings.

Here are some ways that say how to forget your ex-boyfriend.


  • Stay away from things that make you remember the past.

There’s nothing you cannot move out of. Even the worst phase of life ends with good days. Instead of sitting and regretting what happened, it’s better to change or replace things that make you remember those days. There’s no point in sitting and thinking about the time which is already passed so it’s better to keep yourself in present. It’s better to stay away from things that make you touch those wounds again. Delete all the pictures with him, pictures of him. Try making new memories.


  • Following your passions and hobbies

It is better to brush up your hobbies which you may have not practiced for long. Start passionately about things you are interested in. Try to excel in these activities. keep yourself busy as much as possible. Try to get back to things that keep you alive. Practice your hobby as much as possible and make this a part of your daily routine. Keep learning new things. Stay connected to motivational things.


  • Give time to yourself.

Start looking for your mental peace. Stay mentally fit and strong. Start pampering yourself. Focus on your appearance, try presenting yourself better than before. Make yourself your first competition. Start grooming yourself. Make yourself confident about life and decisions. Think about the future and try making it better from today. Make sure you pay attention to your health in all manner. Pamper yourself by eating your favorite food often. Read different things in magazines and online. Choose read for women section often. It will give you some good ideas.


  • Make yourself your first priority.

Forget about the time you spent with your ex-boyfriend. Make your self-respect the first priority. Give importance to your self-respect. Think about your own self first. Think about the things that make you happy. Look for things that bring you happiness and joy. Pull together happiness from every possible way. Search reasons to stay happy and to smile in every little thing. You can plan a solo trip or a vacation with your family to the best hill stations and relax for a while.



Yes, Relationships hurt when they’re broken. It is not easy to forget your ex-boyfriend, but it is not impossible too. Forgetting past and stop regretting over it can help you in moving on easily. Try and meet new people after your breakup. Indulge in a casual hook up and try forgetting about your boyfriend.

Moving on means moving on from things that bother you, moving on from your ex-boyfriend, your love, his absence and those tears you shed in his memory. If you try searching happiness, motivation, smiles, and peace without feeling anxiety and depression you can focus on yourself and forget your ex-boyfriend.

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