How to Know if your Partner is using you for Personal Benefits

partner is using you for personal benefits

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Human beings often operate for selfish motives. And sometimes those people who we trusted end up using us for personal gains. It isn’t easy to find out why someone like your partner is using you for personal gains and you may need help from private investigation services. There are various reasons why a partner uses the other, and it could be psychological, motivated by money or something else. But here are a few signs that you can look for to check if your partner is using you for personal benefits and you might think of using brakes in the relationship.

Your emotional needs are overlooked

In a healthy and balanced relationship, both partner’s emotional needs are considered and met. But if your own emotional needs aren’t met then there is a problem. A relationship that isn’t emotionally fulfilling will never last long. You may start to resent your partner for not contributing to emotional benefits. He/she may be feeling too selfish or just don’t want to get too close in emotions to you. However, they would expect you to meet their emotional needs.

You are never appreciated

Chances are you may be doing a lot of things for your partner. This is normal in most relationships. Be it making a meal, picking up laundry or keeping a clean house, you do it out of love and respect. However, if you are doing this and your partner doesn’t appreciate your efforts or says a thank you, then it is a sign that he doesn’t care much for you. Just that you do things for him, for free and he just wants to enjoy that. He is just using you for your services.

They make you give them gifts or free things

Now your partner may not upfront ask you to buy them something specific. But when conversations are steered towards some expensive items which they can’t afford but would love to have, then they are indirectly planting that thought inside your head. They will try to bring that topic up again and again until you feel that they really would love that. Sometimes, in extreme cases, a partner who is only using you can also take money or cash from you without noticing and in order to find the proof for it, you may need private investigation services.

The partner is asking for favours

An occasional favour from someone is alright, but continuous asks are annoying. Not just that, it could mean your partner is with you just because you can grant such requests. A partner who is using you will always ask for favours but if you need a favour anytime, then he/she will back out and take the fastest way out of the situation. It is a significant sign that your partner is using you for personal benefits.

You always pick up the check and they let you

It isn’t wrong for one partner to pick up a check but he/she shouldn’t be the one always paying You may not feel good about your partner paying, but you shouldn’t be paying always. Your partner should also be paying the bills sometimes. Your partner must stop you from paying and offer to pay at times too. Money discussions are often uncomfortable, but one person shouldn’t be making all the payments. Then the partner is just using you for your economic strength.

You have to rescue them often

In relationships like family and partners, the good thing is they are on your side. If you need help, sometimes they stand with you at those difficult times. And this happens the opposite way too, when the family needs help and you provide it. But if you always have to bail out your partner and end up spending cash as well, then it is a sign that your partner is using you for personal benefits.

They want to talk only about themselves

A person like your partner must involve you in conversations. But if he/she is only talking about themselves, then that isn’t a healthy sign. It means that they care only about themselves and are just using you by being in a relationship with you. It could be that they just need someone t talk to and you’re it. When they talk to you about themselves, they get to be the centre of attention. While this may not be bad once in a while, but making a habit of this isn’t normal.

If you see these traits are meeting in your relationship, you need to be super cautious and in case required do not hesitate to seek help from private investigation services who are specialised in finding out truth about a person.

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