How Social Distancing has Impacted Lovers in 2020

Social distancing has impacted lovers

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Social distancing has become imperative in 2020 with the onset of the covid pandemic. People are required by law in some places to keep a distance from each other. This means no hand shakes or hugs either. If you are at a grocery store, you stand away from the other customer while waiting in line. There are zero social gatherings and any meet with multiple people attracts attention from the law enforcement.  Lovers have also been affected due to this pandemic. They too haven’t been able to get close, especially if they live separately. Social distancing has impacted lovers negatively as they haven’t had affection and touch since the pandemic began.

Given the risk of transmission, sexual activities may increase the risk of being infected, but abstaining from the most basic physical need during isolation may seem to be a bit unrealistic. But here are some things that you must focus on. We don’t yet know if the virus can be transmitted through sex as there is no confirmation from the WHO. However, the virus can be transmitted through acts such as kissing. Social distancing has impacted lovers but have they stopped seeing each or seeking pleasure? No. Here are things lovers can do are or doing to enjoy a sex life in other ways that they can.

Safer sex

Couples who want to have sex will do it. After all it is a basic physical need. However, it is time to get safer so that both partners can be healthy and uninfected. This would mean that both have to ensure that they keep distance from other people, don’t have multiple sexual partners and practice hand hygiene. This means washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds at least, as you are going to touch your partner with hands first.

You don’t necessarily have to wear a mask when making sexual contact, but you may want to avoid oral sex and kissing. It is not like married couples aren’t doing it, so lovers can have sex too. You could try dental dams, gloves and condoms for further protection, but again, no official study says it can prevent coronavirus. General awareness and precautions can get you the right safety.


Sexual acts can vary depending upon what your brain can imagine. Instead of a normal sex routine you could give a try to erotic massages, mutual masturbation or reading and watching erotica. Looking at your partner while both of you masturbate is, in my opinion, a source of great pleasure. There are other means too, through which both of you can find sexual pleasure.

If you haven’t tried sex toys then now is the time to do it. Imagine lying down on the bed as your boyfriend uses a vibrator on you as he presses your breasts. Erotic right? Try it in real life. Men don’t have many options for sex toys but sex dolls are now quite in demand. Gift a popular love doll 2020 to your man and watch him enjoy sex. There are also silicon vaginas that are available in the market for men to mimic sex with.


Keep track of all information that is being released on managing the virus at the individual level. Make sure you follow safe practices to keep safe, if you live with your partner or not. Be informed and aware of all the people you interact with, anywhere. Just in case anyone turns out to be infected, you know you have to inform your partner and get tested.


This is a good time to talk with your partner, when you are able to freely initiate sexual or intimate acts. At least, let the other know how you feel about them, how you are still attracted to them and how hot they still make you. Communicate your feelings to let the other know that there is intimacy and love between you. You could still try spooning and cuddling in front of a tv with masks on. There are innumerable innovative ways to let the other feel loved. Sex is important and necessary, but desperate times, call for desperate measures.

Social distancing has impacted lovers but there is hope for a cure. However, the bottom line is to just be aware and cautious. Like I had mentioned earlier, I am sure married couples are having sex and there will be many babies in the coming months.

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