Right Time to Turn Your Relationship into Marriage

Relationship into Marriage

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Relationships can be complex, but at the same time bring joy to humans. Because we are social creatures we cannot live alone, all by ourselves. As such people find partners with whom they can share things and lives. A romantic relationship may or may not turn into marriage depending on what both partners want. The success of a relationship is also dependant on both. Both have to face challenges and adversities to ensure that the relationship grows and expands. If you have been in a relationship for long, there would be questions like can relationships turn into marriage? If you know that he/she is the one, then you need to know how to turn the relationship into marriage. The answers to this question can be many. You need to care about your partner, about the small issues that matter. Understanding each other’s needs, sharing problems, resolving problems and devoting sufficient time to each other are some of the steps that you can take to turn a relationship into marriage. These points also tell you how to grow a relationship into marriage.

Once your relationship has grown, then you would want to understand if you could turn that relationship into marriage. There are a few signs and pointers through which you know that you can turn your relationship into marriage.

Vulnerability between partners – There is vulnerability between both partners. There is no façade, no makeup, both are their true selves with each other. Even though they may be imperfect, with their flaws and shortcomings, they are open about it with each other.

Trust and personal space – Both partners trust each other completely. Trust is the base for turning a relationship into marriage. Both are trusting enough to allow personal space. Smothering each other and wading into the personal all the time can be irritating. A successful relationship is one that allows freedom and space for both to do what they want and like.

Partner’s family’s approval – You know that you want your partner’s family to like you and you make efforts for it. When this happens then this is a sure sign of you wanting more from your partner. Because you will be more involved with his/her family post marriage, that is why you want them to like you.

Having each other’s back – Knowing that your partner is going to be there through thick and thin means the relationship will last long. If you know that your partner will or has been there for you through ups and downs then you know that he/she is the one.

Joint decisions – When you make life decisions jointly then it is the right time to change a relationship to marriage. When you no longer make decisions only for yourself, with your interest in mind then it is the right time to take the plunge.

Knowing they are perfect for you – If you know that your person is perfect, for you, it is the sure sign that this is it. The person as an individual may not be perfect in the eyes of society, but you know that for you he/she is perfect. He/she is the yin to your yang and the half that completes you.

Genuine happiness – If you feel genuinely happy with the person when you are with them then he/she is a keeper. Many times, we aren’t able to connect with people and don’t find happiness. But if you are happy with your partner then he/she is marriage material.

Fights and apologies – All relationships have fights, but what is important is both apologise and make up. If this is there, then the relationship will last long. So, you can pop the question.

Equality – There is equality in the relationship. Both make the effort, and both share the workload of a home. In the long term, this is a very good habit.

Amazing sex – The sex is off the charts. You are totally into your partner and find him/her hot no matter what they wear. The constant attraction and great sex keeps the couple bonded.

Spending time – You both spend a good amount of time with each and a healthy amount apart from each other. You don’t have to constantly be with each other for a good relationship. A healthy relationship is one where you can spend time apart as well and be content. This is crucial if you want to turn a long-distance relationship into marriage.

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