How does Social Media Affect Relationships

Social media affect relationships

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Social media has pervaded all facets of life. Every action and event is recorded on the profile pages. Each life event is especially marked, photos are uploaded, friends are tagged and event travel plans are showcased online. Although these social media sites have allowed people to make friends and keep in touch with acquaintances from all around the world, it has also encouraged people to be online all the time. Many times people are not aware of their surroundings because they are too deep into their phones, looking at and posting pictures, liking posts and chatting online this is how social media affect relationships.

So, does social media affect relationships? Social media has been linked to desire, anxiety, loneliness and decreased social skills. Because you are talking to people online, you never get to meet them or speak them face to face. Hence many don’t know how to talk to people in real life or even socialize personally. Through social media, we get to see only the happy side of people – their vacations, life event, and relationships. But is that always the truth? Studies say no. And we start to compare our lives with theirs, what they portray online and its just a downward spiral from there. So, we have to think in terms of relationships again, can social media affect relationships?

Studies, research, and beliefs show that social media affects relationships and it can be negative and positive. The positive effects of social media on relationships are summed as follows:

Common pastime – Couples can get a common pastime if they are on social networks. The feature called create even can be used and you can invite your partner with you or invite more friends if you want to host an event. You don’t really have to print invitations.

Closing the distance – Couples who are separated by miles between them, they are in different cities or countries, are brought closer through social media. Sharing pictures or chatting makes them feel closer rather than just depending on phone calls.

Common conversation topics – A funny picture or an amusing post can be a common talking point for couples. Conversation starters are always pleasant and if they are in common then it’s best for both.

The negative sides also show how profoundly social media affects relationships.

Loss of attention – Because couples are too much into their phones, going through social media, their free time goes into it. They don’t have enough time left to give attention to each other.

Online flirting – Likes from a cute woman or man or flirty comments from a stranger on Facebook may lead to roving eyes. Many people flirt online with others who aren’t their significant other. The chances of getting caught are less or it can be dismissed as a little harmless flirting by the perpetrator when confronted.

Expressing emotions – In the real world, you would wish your partner with a gift and kisses and hugs on a special occasion like a birthday. But because due to social media, people are more focused on putting the right sentences and pictures on a social media post. This is one of the worst negative effects of social media on relationships.

Vanity validation – Social media generates the fear of missing out. Also, if people post something online they may be looking for validation of their vanity online. This affects how people are in a relationship.


Research has shown that social media effects on relationships can take a toll not only on the current relationship but also on the future ones. For example, if you have a pesky ex and he/she is on your Facebook friends list then he/she may post unpleasant comments or photos. In this case, you must remove your ex from your social network contacts and be careful about the online presence. Technology can bring a lot of convenience, but we must also be careful while using it.

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