5 Interesting facts about body art and Tattoos in New York

body art and Tattoos in New York

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Body art and Tattoos are more than just images. It depicts the personality of the tattoo wearers. Some religions support tattoos and body art such as Buddhism and Hinduism. In contrast, there are religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that have traditionally been opposed to body art and tattoos. The facts about body art and Tattoos in New York are quite interesting. These facts give fascinating information about tattoos, which is not only inspirational but also educational.

Thomas Edison’s Electric Pen and Black Colour

The first interesting fact is that of the electric pen of Thomas Edison was an inspiration in the late 1800s for the development of an electric tattoo machine. Thomas Edison created an electric pen for puncturing paper and creating stencils. At that time, this was the first precursor to an electric tattoo machine. Samuel O’Reilly was the first person to create an actual electric tattoo machine. To design the electric pen, the inventor added needles and an ink reservoir.

For the removal of a tattoo, the laser procedure is used in the tattoo shops. The second interesting fact, related to removal, is that when compared to other colours, the colour back is the easiest colour to remove from tattoos in a laser procedure. The reason for this is that the black colour absorbs the laser waves in a greater number compared to a vibrant colour like green and yellow.

Interesting Facts and New York

The third interesting fact is that more women in New York have tattoos than men. In the practice of body art and tattoos, more women are interested in getting tattooed.

Fourth is that compared to men, women are more likely to get their tattoos removed. This is found in the research study that took place in dermatology offices. Women’s reasons for getting the tattoo removed are social stigma, social pressure, new career, or embarrassment.

The fifth one is that when women choose to get tattoos, they bring their buddies to the tattoo appointment. This is found from a survey where 40 percent of women decided to either bring their loved ones or a friend to the appointment.

New York City has a lot of tattoo parlours. The central locus for NYC tattooing is the studio that was established by Samuel O’Reilly in 1857. The parlour has a celeb-approved reputation. They have a massive team of artists who are talented and welcoming. They know a variety of styles from traditional to Neo-traditional to photo realism. There are modern and aesthetically pleasing studios that are full of talented people. They have specialisation in both hand poke and machine style techniques. You can also visit one of the best tattoo shop nyc for getting started with your first body art.

Body art and Tattoos in New York are quite popular. The Council of New York City has passed the bill legalising and regulating tattooing. In NYC at Roseland Ballroom, the first annual tattoo convention was held in 1998. As of 2017, there are almost three hundred tattoo shops in the city of New York and they cover all the styles including traditional American, Japanese, and many more.

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