Tips for shy men who fail to impress a woman

fail to impress a woman

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Shy men often find it hard to impress a woman while outgoing men can easily impress them with flair. Shy men often struggle with uncertainty and they lack confidence. And that’s the reason they find it hard, almost impossible to impress the woman they fancy. But that doesn’t have to be so. If you are among those men who fail to impress a woman due to shyness, here is a little something to help you get the woman of your dream.

Act Confidently

I know that doesn’t come naturally and easily if you are shy but you have to try. If you want to go dating, you will have to break through that wall of constraint and fear. If you drink, take one or two shots of a drink to calm your nerves but make sure you don’t get drunk or it will make a bad impression and bring down your confidence even more. So, drink a little, go ahead, talk to her, look interested, even if you have to fine-tune that ego of yours a little.

Go Say Hi

Most shy men don’t approach women because they are scared of being rejected. They are often scared of the failure, of her saying no, of getting embarrassed. These negative thoughts will ruin your efforts even before you start. So, before you begin, set your priorities straight. Do you want a real connection or are you just looking for some physical intimacy. If it’s the latter, you can pick Realistic sex dolls. It can give you immense pleasure similar to a partner and you don’t have worry about the burden of a relationship. But if you are looking for relationship, you will have to suck up on your fear, gather courage and go say hi to her.

Be Nice

Sometimes, even the most outgoing men fail to impress a woman because they don’t do nice. Remember, women like men who are charming and considerate. So, compliment her on her dress, her looks, her perfume, and don’t forget to offer her a drink. Be chivalrous as most men are not and even if it seems outdated, it works like a charm on women. Open the door for her, or pull up a chair for her. It surely will make an impression on her, even if she is a fiercely independent woman.

Ask Her Out Again

If your first date went well and you got to drop her at her doorstep after a nice evening, its a good thing. It means she enjoyed your company. So, don’t hesitate and ask her out again and don’t mess up everything by making an unexpected move. Let her know that you loved spending time with her and that you would love to do that again. Let her decide the date and ask her where she would like to go.

Don’t Get Clingy

Don’t keep calling her every now and then and don’t show up at her house or work unless invited. It will creep her out. Play a little hard to get. When you are in a group, talk to others as well, and don’t just pay attention to her. Compliment her enough to keep her hooked and don’t flirt with other girls in the group as it will confuse her of your intentions. But don’t pay too hard to get or it will simply bore her.


A shy man can charm a woman as well. It’s just that it takes a lot of effort as compared to an outgoing man. But if you like a woman, you can’t just keep that to yourself and expect her to know. You have got to break that boundary, get out of your comfort zone and let her know.

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