How to impress a girl with a few good words from the beginning?

how to impress a girl

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This question has haunted men for centuries. It’s true that women are difficult to impress, but we have for you a few tips that will help you decode this secret. So let’s begin with understanding how to impress a girl with just a few good words.

Do not use cheesy pickup lines. Be original

We will definitely tell you what to do, but here’s what you absolutely shouldn’t do: cheesy pickup lines. Everyone is done to death with those filmy, cheesy, overused pickup lines that will get you nowhere. If anything, they will instantly disinterest the girl. So avoid them. Be original instead. You have to put your best foot forward, but make sure the foot it yours in the first place. Do not show her a put-on side of you that does not exist in reality. Be yourself, talk like you would talk normally to any other good female friend, and you have more chances of impressing your girl.

A good sense of humor always works

This is another way of how to impress a girl. This goes without saying. A good sense of humor ranks highest in the list of top ten things that women love. Crack jokes; keep the conversation light, quirky and mildly funny. At the same time, don’t try too hard. Here’s where the “few good words” part comes in. Make sure you joke but keep it short. She shouldn’t feel that you’re incapable of talking or listening seriously. Remember, you’re trying to show her your humor, not trying to be a clown.

Notice and point out the little things

Women love it when you notice the little things. It is always about the little things. Point out something very minor like how the colour of her earrings matches her dress, how delicate her hands are, how you love the way her eyes talk even when she is silent, etc. Compliment the little things and watch her blush as she begins to get impressed by your attention to detail.

Open-ended questions. Let her talk

Apart from those who are genuinely introvert and shy, most women LOVE to talk. So let her talk. While having a conversation, ask open-ended questions that will make her open up. This will serve two purposes:

  1. She will start to feel more comfortable as you allow her to speak
  2. It gives an impression that you are genuinely interested in getting to know all about her, her life, her dreams, ambitions, goals, her journey, etc.

Avoid sounding too desperate

Ukrainian woman dating sites will introduce you to many women. You can take a girl on a date and tell her in a few words how eager you were to meet her, take her out, get to know her, etc., but try not to sound too desperate about it. Avoid mentioning your previous girlfriends, dating history, etc. In fact, don’t even ask her about hers. Remember that it’s just the first date and you don’t need to start digging into each other’s past immediately. Keep that conversation for later dates.

Keep it real

Avoid exaggerated statements like ‘you’re the prettiest woman I have ever seen’, or ‘I have waited so long for this’. These are clichés and sound fake, especially on the first date. It’s better to be honest and genuine about compliments.

The Bottom Line

Make sure to tell her that you enjoyed the time with her and would love to plan something again. If you follow these tips, you are bound to get a smooth entry in her life as she willingly agrees for a second date.

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