How to Know if Your First Date was a Real Disaster?

First Date Disaster

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Dating changes with every decade. There are new trends emerging and people change their responses accordingly. However, it is important to understand that the basics remain the same. Although, every time you go on a “first date” with someone, the struggle is real and. You have the tingling sensation in your stomach, the pressure to impress someone and not make convert your first date into a disaster.

However, even after trying all the right tricks in the book, things can go upside down. You can have a bad date. Sometimes you do some errors while sometimes it happens because of the other person. If you want to know whether your first date was a total disaster, then you must take note of the following things:


  1. Awkward Silences

If you had a lot of those on your date, then probably it is not one of the best dates. However, silences are natural because it is difficult to keep up a conversation with a man or woman you just met. Although, do not get nervous about it. However, if you felt that your date was not listening to you and there was a lack of connection, then that might be a possibility probably. Also, if your date was cutting you midway then that is not a very good sign. It shows that he/she was not interested in your conversation.


  1. Running into your ex

Well, this is quite rare but it isn’t impossible. If you run into your ex during your first date, then it is not a good sign. It might be a turn off for your date. In the same way, if your date ran into their ex, then things can get a little awkward for you. Apart from that, do not run over your ex verbally during the date. If you have discussed your moments with your ex to your date, then understand that your first date was a total disaster.


  1. Spilling something on your date or yourself

Well, this is natural. It can happen out of nervousness. However, it will not leave a good impression on your date. The first date usually needs multitasking skills to the next level. You need to talk, listen and not spill coffee on your dress. However, the jitters can get the better of you. However, try to cover up the mess. Although, if you have gone too far where you have spilled food on your date or something like that, then count it as a disaster and move on.


  1. You stroked a nerve

Well, this can happen a lot of times on the first dates. This is because you do not know each other’s political views and likes or dislikes. It could be anything from a comment on his major or your views on Game of thrones. There might be a situation where you will regret bringing such topics up. However, if you do, just try and back it up by apologizing or changing the topic. Although, if you have gone too far in commenting on a topic that your date does not like, then do not expect a second call. You will know that your date was a disaster if you people were arguing instead of discussing it.


  1. You overshared

It is a possibility that after drinking you get in the zone of oversharing. Although, it is not a good idea to spat everything out on the first date only. Hence, if you have done that because you were too drunk, then consider your date to be a bad one. At the same time, if your date did the same, then also it is considered to be a bad date. No one wants to listen to anyone’s emotional drama on the first date itself. You might land a breakup for yourself right after the first date if you are too emotional.

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