How to plan your Romantic date in Amsterdam

romantic date in Amsterdam

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The cobbled streets, idyllic canals and everywhere you look, you can find the bouquets of blooms and so undoubtedly, Amsterdam is rightfully called the capital of romance. If you are contemplating a date for the first time, you should try going for an adventurous date night and must see tourist spots in Amsterdam. The extremely romantic city has so many things to offer to couples. Though Amsterdam is regarded as the party city worldwide, however, there is so much more to this eclectic city.

Some of the secret spots, romantic canals, charming parks which will please your idea of having a romantic date in Amsterdam. With your significant other, you must put your all ideas into one which can be an exciting escape for partners. It doesn’t matter it is day time or night time, you just enjoy your time with your partner in one of the most romantic places on earth.

Ideas for Romantic Date in Day Time in Amsterdam

You can try some of the ideas for a romantic date in Amsterdam with your partner in crime.

  • Take a Walk

There is a zoo in Amsterdam called ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo which is located in Plantage district. It is full of beautiful and diverse animals and can be a perfect spot to come for a relaxing date. You can go for a walk with your partner and can enjoy the unique surroundings.

  • Go for Brunch

There are numerous places in Amsterdam which are packed for brunch. It can be one of the best things to do for a date with your partner. Colourful smoothies, toasts etc. you can order anything that fits your desires. You can bond well over the brunch table with your partner.

  • Couple’s Spa

Well, it always sounds a great idea if you are going for a spa and in this case, Amsterdam holds true. There are a few day spas with whirlpools, saunas and other facilities that make your day more relaxing. You can enjoy a relaxing time in your partner’s company while at the spa and away from the craziness of the city.

  • Walk Around Tulips

If you are travelling in the months of late March and early May, you can surprise your partner by taking them to fields of blooming tulips. The city is known for its abundance of tulips. This can be an enjoyable date and more enjoyable for women as they love anything which has to do with flowers. You can go around and explore the fields packed with tulips and other flowers. That’s one of the popular tourist spots in Amsterdam.

Ideas for Romantic Date in Evening in Amsterdam

You can try some other ideas for a romantic date with your partner in the evening and in the twilight hours, Amsterdam is a breathtaking place.

  • Enjoy an Evening Filled with Humour

If you and your partner are looking for good humour and want to laugh about something, a comedy show can be a perfect date idea! In Amsterdam, few comedy shows happen at Boom Chicago and you can go for food and drinks afterwards.

  • Up for an Arcade Competition

There is a popular adult arcade club famously called Ton Ton club where you can go for arcade and board games at your own disposal. This can be a great idea for a date. A good way to strengthen your bond over a fun-filled game. You can have a friendly competition.

  • Enjoy a Movie Together

You can go to a stunning theatre for a Hollywood flick and it is one of the great things to do for couples in Amsterdam. You can sit close together and enjoy a movie. The ornate theatre gives a feel of a ballet theatre and both Dutch and English movies are played.

  • Go for Drinks

In the night, Luxe rooftop drinks can be considered nothing less than romantic. After sunsets, city lights turn on and the place becomes magical. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole of Amsterdam. This can be a perfect idea to splurge for one date night and enjoy the special place with your partner.

There are many romantic places in Amsterdam which are the best place for a date for the couples. You must explore them and experience the magic of love in the air.

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