How single men can spend time on Valentine’s day

How single men can spend time on Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s Day – the day of love is celebrated all over the world. Although some would say that love should be celebrated all year round and not on one single day, Valentine’s is a special day to show some extra love to a partner. However, there are single people, for whom this day may just bring out their other sides, as they don’t have a partner right now. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a partner in the future. Valentine’s is so much more focused on women, what with the flower and chocolate deliveries. But what about men? Are you a single man and want to know how single men can spend time on valentine’s day?  If you are a single man, then you can do this for Valentine’s Day instead of going out on a date.

Get yourself the ultimate gift

Whether it be a super cool gadget or adult love dolls, such gifts will definitely boost your mood. A good game or tech gadget is something that will help you refocus your mind somewhere else – i.e. gaming or playing with your new toy. A love doll is a lot like a sex doll and great for single men. You want to find some release while you are single on Valentine’s day? Try getting one of the love dolls to satisfy your urges without having to find a hook up on Valentine’s day.

Get in the groove

Being alone on Valentine’s day may not be the best option, especially if you feel low. Instead gather friends around and have fun. What better than throwing a party to ensure many come to your place and you end up having loads of fun. People are always looking to chill and a party on the right date will ensure you are surrounded by people.

Movie marathon

What can be better than catching up on your favourite movies at home or at a friend’s house? This year’s Oscars have a pretty good list to choose from and plenty of foreign movies to keep the palate different and yet satisfying. You may want to avoid rom coms at this time, but do check out good suspense thrillers that will keep you on the edge.

Sporty fun

Get out of the house for a friendly match of football or basketball. Run around and have fun. Get the energy out. Sports has been known to release good hormones for the body, making you feel good, happy and relaxed.

Holiday time

Love travelling? Or not? Valentine’s day is as good a time as any other to pack your bags and head to a new destination. Try a new place, be it a beach or snowy mountains. Give yourself time to connect to nature, so either drive down or take a bus or train. Laze around on the beach and play volleyball or go skiing in the mountains. This will give a good distraction to be away from valentine’s day.


Play your favourite games through the day with your homies. Get that Xbox on and put your gaming skills to use. The act of playing and winning will get you a good adrenaline rush and make you feel so much better.

The above are some ways to spend valentine’s day, but if you are still thinking of other ways about how single men can spend time on Valentine’s day? Read on. You could also try looking for Tinder dates, but this isn’t the best advice, especially if you are feeling emotionally down. A fun thing to do would be to find a single girl and go to good restaurants to get Valentine’s Day discounts. That way you get something out of it. Single men can also spend time with their families and have a good dinner together. Or if you still don’t have much to do, head to the gym and get in that workout for a sexy body.

We get that Valentine’s Day can be hard for some people, but life is a series of cycles. One ends and another begins. If you don’t have a partner today, it doesn’t mean you won’t have one tomorrow. Don’t keep sitting around feeling bad about it. One way or the other, you will find the person you are supposed to be with.

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