Things she wants you to do on a date

things she wants you to do on a date

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Got a date? Then you must keep reading. Most men have been on countless dates since their college days and yet have no clue about what she wants. Yeah, what women want is a tough question to crack but when it comes to a date, it’s not rocket science. Let us make it a little easy for you with this list of 5 things she wants you to do on a date.

Be punctual

This has surely been mentioned time and again (pun intended) and yet we will stress on it even more as it is what girls expect on a date. Being on time is the primary way to make a good and lasting impression. Women do not like being made to wait. Think of her, prettily dressed, nervous, and all decked up for you and just there waiting while you take your own sweet time to arrive? Nah! She’s just going to write you off buddy. Make her feel important by showing that you were looking forward to the date. Arrive on time, a little earlier if possible so she can see your eagerness as you wait for her.

Keep your phone away

Women want attention. There’s nothing more disappointing than having your date peek into his phone frequently. It makes her feel like you’re either in a hurry to get over with the date or something else is more interesting to you than her at the moment. So again, wrong move there buddy. Keep that phone away and give her your 100% attention. Look into her eyes and listen intently. Lean forward so she knows you’re interested, ask questions. It’s one of the things she wants you to do on a date.

Plan it well

Plan the date well in advance. Schedule a few activities and take the lead. Women like it when the man knows what he wants to do on a date and has an idea of how he wants it to go. Giving her options is great but asking her to vaguely decide and appearing to be confused about what to do spoils the whole vibe. Make her feel special by showing your effort in planning out the date. Include a place-themed activity. If you’re taking her to the beach, go for surfing lessons, or water sports, if you’ve planned a quiet afternoon, watch a movie or go for brunch, visit a museum or exhibition, etc. But make sure there is something to do. Simply sitting across a table and gazing into each other’s eyes is so 80’s. You’ve got to make sure she doesn’t get bored.

Make her feel comfortable

It may be difficult for her to open up to a complete stranger or someone she has never been with before. Make her comfortable by talking about the topics that interest her. Crack jokes and keep the conversation light. Make her feel she can trust you with her little secrets. Gossip a little maybe. Do not approach her as a suitor, but as a confidante first and watch her bloom in your presence. Every girl wants a man with whom she can take off the mask and be herself. Be that man for her. This is one of the basic dating tips for men.

Follow up

This, we believe is the most important, but least talked about part. If you’ve had a wonderful date, you will surely call her again. But what if the date was very ordinary? You feel like you couldn’t connect to her? Well, even in that case, just call. Call to let her know that although you did have a good time, you don’t see it going anywhere. Closure makes things easy and will make you look like a real gentleman for having taken the lead to clarify. If you want to close the chapter, close it on a good note and not by leaving her to think of you as an uncultured prick.

First impression is the last impression is what they say. You can make yours the best. All you need is simply to put in a little effort and give it some of your time. The right partner may be just round the corner.

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