5 Reasons to have a tattoo on your body

reasons to have a tattoo

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Tattoos have become quite popular in recent years and people get them for various reasons. Society has become more accepting, enlightened and no one really judges you for getting a tattoo. In earlier times, tattoos were usually hidden and not many wore them openly. Although some cultures did propagate tattooing, but most were too conservative to try. Today almost everyone is getting a tattoo. Here are some reasons to have a tattoo on your body.

Mark major events

Sometimes there are big events in our lives that change a lot of things or help us in being reborn. These are defining moments that may need to be immortalized. One way to truly immortalize these events is by getting inked. Some people build memorials or use other ways of expression to do it. But a tattoo is a significant action if you want to immortalize the event. When people fall in love, get married or have children, they add ink to their skin. Parents tattoo their children’s birthdates on their arms or their names, because a child will always be their parent’s child, no matter the age.

Honoring someone

If you want to honor someone special, then getting a tattoo is one way to do it. These are known as tribute tattoos. When you love someone unconditionally, it is only apt to give them a permanent place with you. Getting their names or a symbol related to them inked on your body is a way of honoring them. Personal heroes, pets, parents and idols are some examples of those who can be honored.


One of the most common reasons people get a tattoo is to express themselves. A lot of designs mean something, have a story behind them. Clients get it designed in consultation with the tattoo artist and then have it inked on their body. It is permanent and it will always be on the body. It could be a personal experience or something that you are known for – which serves as an inspiration for your tattoo. This is one of the most heard reasons to have a tattoo.

Adding beauty to body

Some just want to decorate their body, cover it with pretty art and hence they get a tattoo. There isn’t any special event or person that they want to remember or pay homage to. The body is a plain canvas and some want to add art and paintings to it. The tattoo artists also need to be very good so they can add spectacular scenery or imagery on to the skin.

Covering Flaws

When you have a scar – a birthmark, an accident scar or burn injury, they can all be covered with tattoos. Some people do use tattoos to hide ugly scars. There could be marks that you want gone and you can’t have it removed, so why not just put tattoos on top of it. The skin that was once scarred will now look beautiful to the beholder. It is a constructive, defiant act that one will not bend in times of turmoil. For example, some cancer survivors turn their surgical scars into pretty tattoos.

Tattoos are unique and it makes you different from everyone else. It is very rare that people get generic images on their bodies for the fun of it. It is mostly unique and different. Tattoos are permanent and will still look good even if a human being gets old. Tattoos can be added by anyone – young or old, man or woman. This will be your personal space, your art and your masterpiece.

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